• Sunday's New Music Showcase!

    We'll celebrate our streaming station's first anniversary on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch with the Best New Music For Fall. And in keeping with our long-held tradition, I'll even sprinkle in a few holiday favorites, too. Sunday at 9 am, 2 pm & 8 pm CT

  • Top Ten New Tunes For Fall

    Truth: Every favorite song started out as a new song n The Sounds of Brazil. Find a few new favs on out top ten list, with thumbnail reviews and videos for each tune.

  • Now Playing Oscar!

    This year, Thanksgiving week picks up a soundtrack with a Bossa Nova vibe as we enjoy a special tribute for guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves. Plus some holiday cheer when we sprinkle a few ‘seasonal’ sambas into the mix! Click to Listen Now, anytime.

  • Breeze Through Your Day.

    We've added 5,000 songs to our on-air library, so what to do? Play 'em! During the work day we could all use a Brazilian break. Settle in with Scott Adams weekdays at 9:00 am CT.


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