• Sunday Celebrates Carlinhos Brown & Ulisses Rocha

    Musically, these two Brazilians couldn't be more different, but they both celebrate birthdays this weekend on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch. Plus a Very Important Announcement for our Sunday show that you won't want to miss. Preview and PLAY here.

  • Now Playing: The Best of Gal Costa

    It’s true: Gal Costa has a well-earned hold of her title as the ‘Grand Diva’ of Brazilian Song, so join us for two hours of her very best. Plus a special invite to enjoy our Bossa Nova Breeze radio channel too! Click to Listen Now, anytime.

  • Make Your Life More Event-ful!

    Sergio Mendes, Gilberto Gil and Milton Nascimento headline Brazil Club's coast-to-coast guide to the best Brazilian events. Click here.

  • This Week: Bebel Gilberto's Top Tune

    Brazil's 'Queen of Chill' hits big again with a remake of a 90's hit from the French electro=pop duo Ame Strong to top a chart that includes Djavan, Fabiana Passoni, Sergio Mendes, Marcela Biasi and Al Jarreau.

Cafezinho! / Quick Hits
Anything about Everything...
Cafezinho - quick stories on the best of Brazil
Now: How musical is the Brazilian nation? Here's a 'truth in advertising' story (along with a famous song) that you are sure to enjoy. Read it here. 
Experience! / Living The Lifestyle.
Places to go, Things to do
Brazil's October Suprise? Brazil's Presidental vote has moved to the 2nd round. But Dilma's challenger could mean big changes for Brazil... & the USA.
IN Music! / Reviews & Music News
In Tune & Hitting All The Right Notes.
IN Music - Reviews and Brazilian music news at BrazilClubUSA.com
Streaming Sundays: The Sunday Brazilian Brunch has become a weekend tradition for thousands of listeners. Relax & reimagine your Sundays with us!
Personalidade! / People To Know
Top Personalities, Celebrities & You.
Personalidade - People to know at BrazilClubUSA.com
And The Winner is: Marisa Monte, who won three Premio Sharp awards in Rio. But you'll be surprised at who claimed 'Best Male Vocalist'. Details here!

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