• Rendezvous In Rio! - Daily Diary

    Get to know Rio through the Olympic experience as the city gives up its best secrets and stories with our Daily Diary.

  • Every Wednesday In August: A New Episode!

    Loosely translated, Cachaça means “firewater,” but when mixed with limes, sugar and ice, it takes on a different name: Caipirinha, and it turns out that it's the perfect tropical tonic for summer. Try Brazil Club's recipe this week.

  • Our Weekly Show: Oscar Castro-Neves

    Let's picks up a soundtrack with a Bossa Nova vibe as we enjoy a special tribute for guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves. Plus a celebrity surprise or two! Click to Listen Live daily!

  • Do Something Nice For Your Ears

    Take a Brazilian break! It\'s a jazzy blend of Brazilian pop plus crossover hits from both side of the equator. Settle in with Scott Adams weekdays 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Central.


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