• Tuesday: Duo Violão Brasil & Silvia Manrique

    Catch two 'live' pockets shows featuring Rio's Duo Violão Brasil and Chicago's Silvia Manrique. Guaranteed stress reducer and lots of great Brazilian jazz to enjoy. Read all about it.

  • Our Weekly Show: Rosalia de Souza

    It’s the best of singer Rosalia de Souza! She became Bossa’s Modern Gil after cutting her teeth in countless studio sessions across Europe while calling Italy home. Today, she’s redefining Brazilian jazz with a sense of neo-nostalgia. Press PLAY here

  • Looks Like Gal Costa Has A Hit On Her Hands

    70 years of life, 50 years as a performer, an international concert tour that carries through 2016 and our debut of her new song on our streaming station. Read the interview with Brazil's one and only Gal Costa,

  • Breeze Through Your Day.

    We've added 5,000 songs to our on-air library, so what to do? Play 'em! During the work day we could all use a Brazilian break. Settle in with Scott Adams weekdays at 9:00 am CT.

  • There's A Lot To Like!

    The Sounds of Brazil's Facebook page: It's where we post the latest music news, debuts and special announcements. And don't forget our tabs for the TSOB Tee Store and our real-time interactive playlist, too!


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