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Antonio Adolfo

Older: Antonio Adolfo


Published: 08/16/2016

by Scott Adams


Program #1264 - 'Rendezvous In Rio - Antonio Adolfo'

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I first came across Antonio Adolfo’s music back in the early ‘planning stage’ days for The Sounds of Brazil and his creativity fit the show's musical vision perfectly: It seemed like his ‘Jinga’ album never left my CD player. By that time, he was already a Brazilian jazz standout - going back to the late 70’s and Rio’s Samba Soul scene. Intriguing? There’s more to my story, below:


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This week’s show:

My Producer's Notes

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This week’s show for The Sounds of Brazil features pianist Antonio Adolfo, who has been a driving force in Brazilian jazz for nearly five decades. He’s gifted as a songwriter – his ‘Sa Marina’ became one of Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66’s greatest hits when it was translated in English as ‘Pretty World’ – and as an educator with music scls in both Miami and Rio de Janeiro.

I first came across his music in 1991, as I was preparing to launch The Sounds of Brazil on WDCB here in Chicago. A Brazilian music friend of mine in Los Angeles had just launched a record label for Brazilian music and he was kind enough to send me a few of the label’s early releases. Among them was Adolfo’s ‘Jinga’, and it was exactly the style of music I was looking for with my radio show idea: Smooth, exotic, melodic, every song on the album stood out and many of them, like ‘Hillside Train’, ‘Crystalina’, ‘Neon’ and ‘Summer News’ still find their way onto our playlists today.

And consider the musicians on ‘Jinga’: guitarists Ricardo Silveira and Heitor T.P. (whose career would take him to Simply Red, Elton John and Rod Stewart), saxophonists Mauro Senise and Ze Carlos and percussionists like Teo Lima and Paulinho Braga stand out among the best of their generation.

But by the early 90’s Adolfo was already an accomplished leaser of the legendary group Brazuca, which mixed 70’s Brazilian jazz, pop and funk with such casual ease that their recordings are standouts still today.

During the 1960's, Adolfo made his mark as one of the stars of the burgeoning Bossa Nova scene, leading his own trio and touring with singers Elis Regina and Milton Nascimento. Adolfo has since gone on to compose songs that have been recorded by such artists as Sergio Mendes, Stevie Wonder, Herb Alpert, Earl Klugh, Dionne Warwick and many others.  His body of work encompasses nearly 40 recordings, many of which have won international awards including Brazil’s Sharp Award and the Brazilian International Press Award (the latter, most recently, for Ao Vivo.) He has also composed for television and film, and has released an instructional video, Secrets of Brazilian Music, and the books, Brazilian Music Workshop, and his latest, Phrasing in Brazilian Music.

For this show, we’ll focus on his contemporary side with vocalist daughter Carol Saboya and a surprise track from his latest release ‘Choro Baiao’ plus songs from several musical alumni, too. There’s new music from Marisa Monte and up-and-comer Quetzal Guerrero, plus John Legend, trumpeter Rick Braun, Herbie Mann’s flute and a brace of household names from the world of Brazilian Jazzmasters.

I hope you enjoy the show.

Scott Adams


Rendezvous In Rio! Read Our 'Daily Diary' here.


“Singers & Songwriters – Antonio Adolfo”

Hour 1:

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme

Coiza Boa<>Quetzal Guerrero/Coiza Boa

Antigua<>Leo Gandelman/Brazilian Soul

Berimbau<>Jorge Antonio Alves/Lambadas Brasileiras

Welcome to the Brazil Club Lounge                     

Faceira<>Gal Costa/Aquarela Do Brasil

Special Announcement

Girl From Ipanema<>Elisabeth Lohninger/Eleven Promises


Set 2:

Introduce Our Next Set

Voce E Eu w/Overture<>Antonio Adolfo/Ao Vivo Live

Please Baby Don’t<>John Legend/Sergio Mendes Timeless        

Introduce Next Song

Moon & Star<>Ricardo Silveirn/Amazon Secrets

Amo<>Chiquinho Do Acordeon/Brazilian Nights

Sao Paulo<>Rick Braun/R&R


Set 3: This Week’s Spotlight Song

Killer Joe<>Antonio Adolfo/Tropical Infinito 

Hello Goodbye<>Carol Saboya/Carolina 

Tropical Horizon<>Azymuth/Crazy Rhythms


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Hour 2:

Set 1:

Sulla Vespa<>Mazzachigno/Cafe Roma Vol 2

Sir Charles Duke<>Herbie Mann/Opalescence

Welcome To Our Second Hour

O Que Você Quer Saber De Verdade<>Marisa Monte/O Que..

Esperanca<>Paulo Brasil/Esperanca

Senhoras Do Amazonas<>Sergio Mendes/Brasileiro

Special Announcement

Fullgas<>Rosalia de Souza/Single


Set 2:

Introduce Next Set

Crystalina<>Antonio Adolfo & Carol Saboya/Adolfo

Liana<>Toninho Horta/Moonstone

Introduce Next Song                                                                     

Better Days Ahead<>Pat Metheny/Letter From Home

Bird of Paradise<>Djavan/Bird of Paradise

Everybody’s Beautiful (In Brazil)<>Bob Baldwin/Brazil Chill


Set 3:

Wave<>Antonio Adolfo & Carol Saboya/Ao Vivo-Live       

TSOB Third Hour begins (Internet only)

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