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Published: 10/27/2015


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Chapter three of our 'Brazilian Side' series comes to us from 1964 and not one, but two revolutions. The first was political: In March of that year, Brazil's suffered a military coup, ending Bossa Nova's reign over the beach life in Rio de Janeiro. The second revolution was musical, with London's Fab Four invading New York in February. This week, it's the Beatles on The Sounds of Brazil.  Read my story, plus my picks for the best Brazilian Beatles albums, below.

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This week’s show:

My Producer's Notes

October’s theme, ‘The Brazilian Side of…’ continues this week with a tropically fun look at the Beatles, and while they never toured in South America or recorded a song in Portuguese, the musical impact of the Fab Four was not unlike what it was for the rest of the world.

How? Well, the Beatles’ Brazilian arrival in 1964 coincided with two major cultural events. Brazil’s military overthrew the government and the country’s musicians turned away from the breezy innocence of the Bossa Nova.

In Sao Paulo, the ‘Yê, Yê, Yê’ movement (“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”) sprang up overnight, with dozens of Beatles cover groups arriving on the scene. You can trace this event to both the ‘Jovem Guarda’ sound - which launched the career of legendary singer Roberto Carlos - and with ‘Tropicália’ (Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil), straight through to MPB – Brazil’s enduring pop sound.

The Beatles were big in Brazil, and they remain so today. In fact, a Brazilian friend of mine who was in London for Paul McCartney’s performance in the opening ceremonies of the Summer Games, texted a great message: “The Beatles gave us so much… cannot wait for 2016.”

Here are a few of my favorite albums for ‘The Brazilian Side of The Beatles.’



MPBeatles is a clever, well-crafted collection of 14 Beatles classics, and there’s a range styles to be enjoyed here, from rocker Cássia Eller to Leo Gandelman’s jazz sax version of ‘The Long And Winding Road’. From late-60’s Tropicália comes ‘Lady Madonna’ (Os Mutantes) and Gilberto Gil’s read of ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’.

There’s Zizi Possi’s beautiful version of ‘Yesterday’ and a like-minded offering from Rita Lee to bookend Caetano Veloso’s eloquent and ironic interpretation of Paul McCartney’s ‘For No One’. Paulo Ricardo sings ‘Imagine’, Verônica Sabino voices ‘Demais’ (‘Yes, It Is’) in Portuguese as is Tuani’s version of ‘Meu Amor’ (‘My Love’).

Bossa n Beatles

This homage to the Beatles is a personal one for Rita Lee, who reinvents these 11 songs with their original English lyrics and a Bossa flair. The CDs near-perfect pacing is easy and natural – and a sheer joy to listen to! She writes, “… from ‘63 to ’70, I drink, ate, smoked and breathed Beatles.”

Lee takes the emphasis off our well-entranced memories of these songs to places it back on the quality of songwriting that (mostly) Lennon and McCartney created on a continuing basis. And it’s clear that Lee – who sings in English throughout this album - was mindful of this fact when she entered the studio to record this collection.

After five decades on non-stop airplay, it’s no easy task to make these Beatles songs sound as exciting and as vital as they were originally – perhaps that’s just not possible. But Rita Lee’s reinvention is the closest thing to it in many, many years – in any style or language.



The Beatles go Brazilian on this sensational CD by Brazil & Beyond, a Detroit-based quartet that faithfully recreates Brazilian music styles on authentic Brazilian instruments. So Choro “Comes Together” with Tropicália, Baião, Samba and Bossa Nova to bring you a Beatles experience like no other.

Quite possibly a "first" on any continent, world percussionist Dennis Sheridan hammers out the melody of "Come Together" on his berimbau-normally a rhythm instrument. The resulting CD is an exciting tapestry of the enchantment of the Brazilian sound laid over the magic of some of the best Beatles melodies. It's an unbeatable work of art.


Beatles In Bossa Nova

Here’s an all-instrumental collection of the Beatles top hits. The popular Brazilian-based orchestra breezes through these songs with light and jazzy arrangements and some of the best studio musicians in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

This particular album of the Beatles’ music arranged and played in a Bossa Nova style is a fabulous example of the Orchestra’s work, and an excellent interpretation on one of the world’s greatest ever pop groups.

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“The Brazilian Side of the Beatles”

Hour 1:  (10 pm Saturday/2 pm Sunday)

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme

Eu Tu Devoro<>Djavan/Bicho Solto XIII

Bossa Blue<>Chris Standring/Blue Bolero

One Note Samba<>Nico Gomez/Lambada Dance Music

Welcome to the Brazil Club Lounge                     

Yesterday<>Zizi Possi/Bossa

Special Announcement

Rainha<>Toco & Nina Miranda/Memorias


Set 2:

Introduce Our Next Set

She’s Leaving Home<>Toninho Horta/Come Together

Julia<>Carla Hassett/Quero Saber

Introduce Next Song

Amor de Muito<>Chico Science/Brasil2 Mil

The Long & Winding Road<>Leo Gandelman/Made In Rio

If I Fell<>Nando Lauria/Points Of View


Set 3: Introduce This Week’s Spotlight Song

Boa Sorte (Good Luck)<>Vanessa da Mata & Ben Harper/Sim

Blue Bossa<>Torcuato Mariano/Brazilian Nights


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Hour 2: (11 pm Saturday/3 pm Sunday)

Set 1:

Fool On The Hill<>Oscar Castro-Neves/Playful Heart

Welcome To Our Second Hour

Fool On The Hill<>Sergio Mendes/Classics

Eleanor Rigby<>Brazilian Tropical Orch/Beatles in Bossa Nova

All My Loving<>Rita Lee/Bossa & Beatles

Special Announcement

Away<>Jeff Gardner/Sky Dance            


Set 2:

Introduce Next Song

Til There Was You (Quando Te Vi)<>Silvana Malta/Cravo

Amo<>Chiquinho Do Acordeon/Brazilian Nights

Introduce Next Song

For No One<>Caetano Veloso/MPBeatles

On-Line<>Marcos Valle/Nueva Bossa Nova

Viver e Reviver<>Gal Costa/Novela Hits


Set 3:

My Love<>Tunai/MPBeatles

Blackbird<>Brazil & Beyond/Beatles

Help<>Joyce/Music Inside

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