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Published: 05/17/2017

by Scott Adams


Program #1303 - 'Crossing Borders: Kevyn Lettau'

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This week’s show:

My Producer's Notes

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Talk about ‘Crossing Borders’: This week, our theme kicks into high gear with several stops at passport control for our featured musician. She was born in Germany, raised in southern California and loves to sing Brazilian songs in Portuguese. Its singer Kevyn Lettau.

Kevyn began her career at about the same time The Sounds of Brazil came into being. I first met her at a storied little club in Chicago called the Jazz Bulls right around that time, and it began a friendship that continues to this day. And although she’s moved into different musical circles as her career progressed, a weekend phone call was all that was needed to catch us up again - always fun to chat! Isn’t it interesting how some friendships work that way?

And as her fans know all too well, Kevyn’s music carries that same welcoming signature; a comfortable ‘come as you are’ place that’s been part of her style from the very beginning. In fact, she got her start in southern California with Sergio Mendes (who guests on her debut CD) and Al Jarreau. "He was very, very, very instrumental in my really becoming a singer. I went to a concert of his in L.A. and somehow managed to get backstage and handed him an envelope containing a tape of jazz standards I had recorded, and lo and behold, the very next morning he called me up. He said, 'What a wonderful young talent. I'd love to come hear you sing live.' Through the years, we would rekindle the friendship, on and off, and then a tour came up - to Germany - and I got to go with my band, as an opening act and on several occasions Al invited me to come up and sing with him during his show. He's an amazing singer and an amazing musician and just has a heart of gold."

Southern California has been a hotbed for Brazilian musical talent since Carmen Miranda, Aloysio de Oliveira and Laurindo Almeida first arrived. Soon the zip codes expanded to include names like Oscar Castro-Neves, Dori Caymmi, Rique Pantoja, Yutaka, Airto And Flora Purim, Kleber Jorge, Ricardo Silveira, Ivan Lins and many dozens more. For Kevyn Lettau’s singing and songwriting skills, it was a perfect match.

I discovered this back when I was a features writer for Jazziz magazine and I filed this piece:

"As the influence of Brazilian music expands to the American pop scene, singers like Kevyn Lettau, whose new album ‘Another Season’ is now in the stores, will play an increasing­ly visible role in shaping this new marriage. Kevyn's vocal presence in this evolution is much more than just her clear, fluid voice. And like the strong tradition of Brazilian music from MPB to Forró, it’s easy to see that the real key to Lettau's success as a singer is in the stories she tells.

Boasting a Brazilian contingent that includes Dori Caymmi, Ricardo Silveira and Rique Pantoja, Lettau's latest album covers a wide range of material, from Brazilian to pop, to straight-ahead jazz with a style that is unmistakable. Listen to the melodies collected in ‘Another Season’ and you'll come away with an under­standing of the singer that is almost uncanny. 

"Kevyn Lettau's love affair with Brazil is well represented, with Dory Caymmi contributing two songs including his beautiful ‘Colors of Joy’. Lettau also delivers warmly on the Jobim/Bua­rque standard ‘Retrato Em Branco e Preto’ (Portrait In Black and White). "Isn't the Jobim song beautiful?" she said, barely pausing. "And the lyrics, they're so sad and passionate. I listened to João Gilberto sing that song so many times, but what really inspired me was Elis Regina's version. She's always been a big influence on my singing.

"For me, Brazilian music really is a love affair. Take the song ‘Ella’" that I co-wrote with Dori Caymmi. It was such an honor to write the words to his beautiful melodies. Dori has always been a guiding light, kind of a father figure for me, and it was a thrill to do the song with him." She continued: “Kleber Jorge, a Brazilian singer, songwriter had asked me to write a few lyrics for him and I ended up asking him if I could record some of the tunes because I liked them so much! It was with our tune "Another Season" that I was blessed to have a number one hit on the Pop charts in Japan!”

That success led to ‘Universal Language’ which holds one of my all-time favorite songs from Kevyn and Kleber. It would be her last US based label release for ten long years. She’d go on to explore jazz, pop and R&B, record an excellent tribute to The Police, and finally a collection of American standards arranged by her long-time friend Dori. So, is there another Brazilian project stirring?

“Well, I don’t know. I’m currently playing more with my songwriting partner Peter Sprague and I always make a point of asking the audience which songs of mine they like the best, and Brazilian always seems to show up the strongest. So maybe, I’ll have to do some thinking about that!”

By the way, Kevyn’s website is well worth a visit when you have some time to explore her stories and lyrics. And apparently, she is a cat person.

How about that?

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‘Crossing Borders with Kevyn Lettau'

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