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First Show On WNUA

Older: Our First Show On WNUA


Published: 07/25/2017

by Scott Adams


Program #1313 - Our First Show On WNUA!

This show airs daily from 07-25-17 through 08-01-17 Monday-Friday at 7am, 3pm, 6pm and midnight Central Time (US). Weekends, too.

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A milestone moment.

A quarter of a Century is a long time. A long time in our lives, for marriages and careers and especially for radio shows, where the ‘shelf life’ is often determined by the rating book every three months or so. That's even more true for commercial radio because both the challenges and rewards are greater. That was where I wanted to be from the beginning. I dreamed of bringing Brazilian music to the largest possible audiences. This week, it's our first show for Chicago's Smooth Jazz WNUA 95.5. The rest is history, as you’ll read below! 


Sunday's Brazilian Brunch features fan favs from our easliest years on the radio, plus breezy bossas to help you get the most out of the weekend - the perfect musical backdrop for whatever you have going on! Only on Sundays at 5 am, 9 am, 2 pm and 11 pm Central time and only on The Sounds of Brazil's streaming station from our home page.

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Request a song, style or artist on the Brazil Club Lounge page and you’ll hear me play it and announce your name on the radio too. Go ahead, its fun!

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This week’s show:

My Producer's Notes

Listen to The Sounds of Brazil daily at 7 am, 3 pm, 6 pm and midnight Central Time.

Wherever you are listening from right now, online or on the radio, a debt of gratitude is owed to a pair of Chicago radio stations that - 25 years ago – took a chance on a unique and unusual show called ‘The Sounds of Brazil’.

One is today’s flagship station, 90.9 FM WDCB in west suburban Glen Ellyn, where we are heard every Sunday at 2 pm. The other was our radio home for 18 years and the station where this show grew to national prominence: Smooth Jazz WNUA 95.5.

This week, I’ve recreated my very first radio program for WNUA. You’ll hear every song exactly as it was on 10 pm. Saturday July 25th, 1992. I’ve even included our original jingles, too!

1987 was an important year for me and for WNUA. I made my first trip to Brazil in April of that year, and on August 3rd, WNUA began broadcasting an exciting and eclectic mix of jazz, pop and New Age music, which grew to become the Smooth Jazz format.  

WNUA would go on to become one of the most heralded radio stations in America and The Sounds of Brazil grew too; expanding to more than 60 cities coast-to-coast.

The Sounds of Brazil is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, and this milestone could never have happened without the support of many talented people, a musical confluence of coincidence, and more than a little luck!

I will be forever grateful to them and most of all, to you for listening. So, if you missed it the first time, here’s our “first show” again!

Thank you,

Scott Adams

You’ll find pictures, stories and more this week on the homepage slider. Check back daily!

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‘Our First Show On WNUA'

Hour 1:

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme

Latin Lovers<>Lee Ritenour/Festival

Gabriela's Song<>Dori Caymmi/Dori Caymmi 

Serrado<>Nestor Torres/Dance of Phoenix

Special Announcement

The Angels I Know<>Marcos Ariel/Hand Dance  


Set 2:

Introduce Next Set

Samba Da Barra<>Azymuth/Tightrope Walker

Baleia Azul<>Victor Biglione/Baleia Azul

Your Smile<>Kevyn Lettau/Kevyn Lettau

Introduce Next Song

Barabare<>Sergio Mendes/Brasileiro

Visions<>Leo Gandelman/Visions

Don Quixote<>Cesar Camargo Mariano/Pontas Estrelas


Set 3Introduce This Week’s Spotlight Song

Corcovado<>Stan Getz & Gilberto/Bossa Years

Baia<>Walter Wanderley/Next Stop Wonderland Soundtrack


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Hour 2:

Set 1:

Summer News<>Antonio Adolfo/Jinga

Welcome To Our Second Hour

Small World<>Ricardo Silveira/Small World

Nos Dois<>Milton Nascimento/Barca Dos Amantes

Suave Chuva (Tender Storm)<>John Klemmer/Brazilia

Special Announcement

Acucena<>Kenia/Distant Horizon


Set 2:

Introduce Next Song

The Island<>Roseanna Vitro/Reaching For The Moon

So It May Secretly Begin/Pat Metheny/Still Life (Talking)

Introduce Next Song

Voce E Linda<>Caetano Veloso/Caetaner

Felicia and Bianca<>Oscar Castro-Neves/More Than Yesterday

Anthem<>Full Circle/Secret Stories


Set 3:

Nua Idea<>Gal Costa/Plural

~ ~ ~

Next Week: What's next?  We head to Rio to explore 'The Magic of Jobim'. Don't miss it! Whether it’s your radio, your computer at work or your tablet or smart phone, thanks for tuning in! I really appreciate it, and please tell a friend or two about us.

And don't forget about our weekly Sunday radio broadcasts in Chicago on 90.9 FM WDCB (2 pm CT) and Brasil Radio in Orlando on 93.1 FM (7 pm ET).


Happy Listening,

Scott Adams

The Sounds of Brazil!


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