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Frank Sinatra

Older: Frank Sinatra


Published: 10/19/2015


Program #1221 - ‘The Brazilian Side of Frank Sinatra'

This show airs from 10-21-15 through 10-27-15        Daily schedule


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Frank Sinatra takes his turn in the spotlight for the second of four consecutive weekly shows on 'The Brazilian Side’ series here on The Sounds of Brazil. Just about everyone is familiar with the song that came from those two albums (plus a track on Sinatra's 'Duets' album), but wait 'til you read the incredible backstory in my Producer’s Notes below.

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This week’s show:

My Producer's Notes

We're into our second show for The Sounds of Brazil's special spotlight on 'The Brazilian Side' of four of the world's top pop music icons, including Micheal Franks, the Beatles and Stevie Wonder.

This week, it's Frank Sinatra's turn, whose status as a pop music icon began to pick up again in 1966 with two top ten hits - ‘Strangers In The Night’ and ‘That’s Life.’ That’s when Sinatra began to look around for the ‘next big thing’.

So he directed his gaze south, to Brazil.

Rio de Janeiroand Antonio Carlos Jobim, specifically. According to Brazilian author Ruy Castro, the story goes that Jobim was sitting at his favorite watering hole in Ipanema one summery December evening in 1966 when the phone rang. One of the bar’s waiters told him that there was a phone call for him – from theUnited States. Jobim picked up the receiver to hear that Frank Sinatra wanted to talk with him.

These are the words Jobim heard: “I’d like to make a record with you, and to know if you like the sound of the idea.” Jobim replied “It’s an honor’ and the project was quickly laid out.

Claus Ogerman would handle the arrangements – it would be a reunion for Jobim who had worked with the talented German on his very first recording as a solo artist three years earlier. Sinatra asked Jobim to play the guitar for this session and Jobim agreed, but asked for a Brazilian drummer. Then Sinatra asked him if he would fly to Los Angeles right away to begin working with Ogerman- an indication that the songs has already been selected. “I don’t have time to learn any new songs and I hate rehearsing,” Sinatra told him. “Let’s stick with the best ones – the classics.”

Jobim settled into his L.A.suite (complete with piano and refrigerator) with Ogerman at his side daily as the songs bean to come together. Recording began at 8 pmon January 30th, less than eight weeks after that famous phone call.

‘Dindi’ was the first song recorded, but not much needs to be written about the session itself – you’ll find what you need in the music. This is one of those rare recordings which fully reveals itself through repeated listening.

Sinatra fans call this album one of his very best, and even if it did fall short of the sales success of Sinatra’s other albums from this time, it’s clear that Sinatra was driven by aural perfection: He’s said that he never sang so softly as he did on those first days with Antonio Carlos Jobim. It also lead to a recording reunion for 1971’s ‘Sinatra & Company’ which brought a rising Brazilian star to the mix: Deodato.

Happy listening,

Scott Adams 

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The Sounds of Brazil streaming radio at is the official webstream provider for The Sounds of Brazil!


“The Brazilian Side of Frank Sinatra”


Hour 1:  (10 pm Saturday/2 pm Sunday)

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme

Running<>Eliane Elias/Around The City

Mainstream<>Soulstance/Truth Simplicity & Love

Roda<>Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66/Look Around

Welcome to the Brazil Club Lounge                     

Garota de Ipanema<>Dick Farney/MPB

Special Announcement

Sambacu<>Pete Escovedo/E Street


Set 2:

Introduce Our Next Set

Change Partners<>Frank Sinatra/Sinatra & Jobim

Belem, Minha Cidade<>Bobby Brazil/Amazonica

Introduce Next Song

If You Never Come To Me<>Frank Sinatra/Sinatra & Jobim

Stay With It<>Steve Cole with Rob Ryndak/Stay With It

Salt Song<>Stanley Turrentine/Salt Song


Set 3: Introduce This Week’s Spotlight Song

Caberet da Sereia<>Flavio Venturini/Noites Com Sol

Tender Storm<>John Klemmer/Brazilia


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Hour 2: (11 pm Saturday/3 pm Sunday)

Set 1:

Sabia<>Frank Sinatra/Sinatra/Jobim Sessions

Bonita<>Frank Sinatra/Sinatra/Jobim Sessions

Welcome To Our Second Hour

The Look of Love/Roni Ben-Hur & Nilson Matta/Mojave

Para Ti<>Marcela Mangabeira/Simples

Aos Filhos do Brasil<>Luciano Antonio/An Artist’s Life

Special Announcement

Cigano<>Djavan/Puzzle of Hearts

Map Of The Heart<>Kieko Takeda/Poemas


Set 2:

Introduce Next Song

Wave<>Frank Sinatra/Sinatra & Company

Morro Velho<>Ornelas & Leao/Songs of Milton Nascimento

Introduce Next Song

Sir Charles Duke<>Herbie Mann/Opalescence

This Happy Madness<>Frank Sinatra/Sinatra & Co.        

Spring Ain’t Here<>Pat Methany/Letter From Home


Set 3:

Where or When<>Cauby Peixoto/Cauby Canta Sinatra

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