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Gal Costa

Older: The Best of Gal Costa


Published: 09/26/2017

by Scott Adams


Program #1322 - 'Gal Costa'

This show airs daily from 09-27-17 through 10-03-17 Monday-Friday at 7am, 3pm, 6pm and midnight Central Time (US). Weekends, too.

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If you could choose only one voice to musically represent the city of Rio de Janeiro, which would it be? Chances are, Gal Costa’s name would find a place at top of your list and if so, you’d be in agreement with Antonio Carlos Jobim, who once created a cultural firestorm with his offhand comment, “For me, Gal Costa has the most perfect voice.”

I have a great story about Gal to share with you, below. Enjoy!


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This week’s show:

"Gal Costa”

Hour 1:

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme

Lovin’ You<>Fabiana Passoni/Lovin’ You

Sexy Bossa<>Latin Vibe/Chill Classics 

Bim Bom<>Joao Gilberto/Legendary Joao Gilberto

Welcome to the Brazil Club Lounge                     

Coração Vagabundo <>Caetano Veloso & Gal Costa/Domingo

Special Announcement

Escrito No Vento<>Richard Sorce/Samba Para A Vida 

Outra Vez<>Antonio Carlos Jobim/The Composer 


Set 2:

Introduce Our Next Set

Dona Sophisticada<>Gal Costa/de Tantos Amores

Just Between Us<>Randy Brecker/Into The Sun

Introduce Next Set                           

Afterglow<>Mark Sganga/Sganga Nova

Back At One<>Brian McKnight & Ivete Sangalo/Millennium

Mais Feliz<>Marcio Menescal/Bossa Now #6 After Dark           


Set 3: This Week’s Spotlight Song

Ecstasy<>Gal Costa

Neon<>Antonio Adolfo/Jinga   

On And On<>Stephen Bishop/Saudade


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Hour 2:

Set 1:

Beira-Mar<>Tamba Trio/Tamba Trio

Tropical Affair<> Thalma de Freitas/Redd Hot + Rio 2

Welcome To Our Second Hour

Faceira<>Gal Costa/Aquarela Do Brasil

Nana<>Leo Gandleman/Black Pearls

If You Leave Me Now<>Ive Mendes/Ive

Muito Tarde (It’s Too Late)<>Guilherme Arantes/Classicos                  

Special Announcement

Paz E Amor<>Alexia Bomtempo/Astrolabio


Set 2:

Introduce Next Set

Begin The Beguine<>Gal Costa/Plural

Bossa Love<>Marcos Ariel/4 Friends

Introduce Next Song                                                                     

It’s Raining At Buriti Farm<>Dori Caymmi/Kicking Cans

Tapete Magico<>Gal Costa/Fantasia        

Love Dance<>Mike Metheny/Street of Dreams


Set 3:

Laziest Gal In Town<>Gal Costa & Bobby McFarren/Gal

Água de Coco<>Emilio Santiago/ De Um Jeito Diferente

~ ~ ~

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Happy Listening,

Scott Adams

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