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Gilberto Inc

Older: Gilberto Inc


Published: 11/15/2016

by Scott Adams


Program #1277 - 'Gilberto, Inc.'

This show airs daily from 11-16-16 through 11-22-16 Monday-Friday at 7am, 3pm, 6pm and midnight Central Time (US). Weekends, too.

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These days, our digital lives make it easy to take music for granted. But it’s a lot more special when we don’t. This week, we’ll tune in to the generational talent of the Gilberto clan, born from a single creative moment in Brazilian song more than 50 years ago. See what I did there? More below.


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This week’s show:

My Producer's Notes

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Let’s take a musical look at one of Brazilian music’s biggest conglomerates – no, its not a record label, but one of Brazil’s top families of song – with a show called ‘Gilberto, Inc.’ When it comes to Bossa Nova, no other Brazilian family comes close to achieving what Joao Gilberto, his ex-wives Astrud Gilberto and Miucha and his daughter Bebel Gilberto have created and I’ll explore some of their very best songs, along with the stories behind them.

There’s more: Basia borrows the Bossa beat – as does Brazilian arranger Mario Adnet, Julie London reprises an early Brazilian jazz hit in The Brazil Club Lounge and Sting sings from the Ivan Lins songbook. Ditto for Dani Carlos re: Madonna, along with requests for pianists Luis Avellar and L.A.’s Bill Cunliffe. Plus favs from saxophonist Leo Gandelman and Torcuato Mariano, too!

A cool breeze in Summer, and a warm wind when the weather turns cold - that's The Sounds of Brazil!

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“Gilberto, Inc.”

Hour 1:

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme

Third Time Lucky<>Basia/Basia on Broadway

Super Ambient<>Bossacucanova/Ipanema Lounge V.1

Fly Me To The Moon<>Julie London/Ultra Lounge #14

Welcome to the Brazil Club Lounge                     

Doralice<>J. Gilberto & S. Getz/Bossa Years

Special Announcement

Summer Breezin’ (SomeBossa)<>Al Jarreau/My Old Friend 


Set 2:

Introduce Our Next Set

Non-Stop To Brasil<>Astrud Gilberto/Silver Collection

Pepe<>Ricardo Silveira/Small World

Introduce Next Set                           

Guarapiranga<>Toco/Outro Lugar

Mainstream<>Soulstance/Truth Simplicity & Love 

Like A Prayer<>Danni Carlos/Danni


Set 3: This Week’s Spotlight Song

Sensivel Demais<>Jorge Vercillo/ Como Diria Blavatsky

Long Time Coming<>Bill Cunliffe/Bill In Brazi

One Note Samba<>Salena Jones/Salena Sings Jobim    


The Sounds of Brazil Summer Tee's!here

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Hour 2:

Set 1:

Caminhos Cruzados<>Peter Bernstein/Caminhos Cruzados

Momento<>Bebel Gilberto/Momento

Welcome To Our Second Hour

Samba Da Minha Terra<>Joao Gilberto/Legendary Joao Gilberto

Easy Ridin’<>Leo Gandelman/Western World

Os Grillos<>Marcela Mangabeira/Simples  

Special Announcement

She Walks This Earth<>Sting/A Love Affair


Set 2:

Introduce Next Set

Saudosismo<>Miucha/Saude Brasil

Ocean Way<>Torcuato Mariano/Last Look

Introduce Next Song                                                                     

Tout Est Bleu<>Bebel Gilberto/Tudo

Meu Pais (My Country)<>Luiz Avelar/Homenagem a Ivan Lins

Color of the Watercolor<>R. Folegatti/Watercolors


Set 3:

Who Needs Forever?<>Astrud Gilberto w/Thievery Corp.

Manha De Carnaval<>T.Thielmans & Luis Bonfa/BrazilProject    

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Happy Listening,

Scott Adams


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