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Always Live, Always Free. Welcome to The Sounds of Brazil page at Brazil Club.

You can read my Producer's Notes and playlist for every weekly show, get the latest concert and music news, make a request and enter our contests anytime. And you're welcome to browse our archive of previous shows (below), too.

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So, thanks for listening and I hope you'll enjoy the music!

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Ipanema’s calling! Summer’s hottest days call for something special: ‘Beach Blanket Bossa’ with two hours of sun-drenched favorites. Plus Deodato's 'Summertime' hit. Click to 'play' in our stream for a while this week

Bossa Nova turns 60 this summer, and the Father of Bossa has a birthday this week. Let's celebrate withtwo hour of his best songs. Playlist and play button is here!

Bossa Nova's 60th birthday has to include five decades of The Legendary ‘Getz/Gilberto’ album. We have the musical story to share. Preview, Playlist & Play button are here.

Bossa 60: Time to featuie Sergio Mendes with two hours of his best songs! Playlist & Play button are here.

We’re ‘Crossing Borders’ with guitarist Lee Ritenour who created US recording debuts to several of Brazil’s best music makers. This week's Preview & Playlist is here.

This week, it’s all about ‘The Brazilian Side of Smooth’ with musical stars from both side of the equator, and the songs that influenced a generation of new fans coast to coast. Get the playlist and our personal notes here.

We’re ready to jump start spring with a playlist that'll cool you down and heat you up at the same time. 22 songs inspired by the most exotic beaches in the world fueled by the Brazilian sun! Preview and Playlist here

It’s Discovery Month so we’re off to explore ‘Brazilian Compilation Albums’. Another great show where the music can lead you to so much more at Brazil Club. Our Preview & Playlist are here!

Bossa 60: Rio’s beaches were percolating with a musical revolution, only two years after Bossa's birth. Our playlist brings the real Bossa sound to life with these hidden Brazilian gems. Click here for our Preview & Playlist.

Long admired for her talents as a singer and songwriter, Rosa Passos is also considered by many as the female incarnation of João Gilberto’s musical soul. Settle in with one of our favorite Brazilian Divas!


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