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Now Playing: Oscar Castro-Neves

Published: 11/24/2015 by Scott Adams in The Sounds of Brazil Preview Page

This year, Thanksgiving week picks up a soundtrack with a Bossa Nova vibe as we enjoy a special tribute for guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves. Plus some holiday cheer when we sprinkle a few ‘seasonal’ sambas into the mix! Click to Listen Now, anytime.

What warms your soul when the winds of November come calling? João Gilberto's voice and guitar Here’s a ‘best of’ show you won’t want to miss!

Older: Marcos Ariel

Published: 11/10/2015 by Scott Adams in The Sounds of Brazil Preview Page

Keyboardist Marcos Ariel’s ‘Best Of’ show couldn't be more timely:as we showcase Rio de Janeiro's best! Click for our Preview Page, Playlist & Play button.

Our ‘Brazilian side of' series has been a lot of fun: Michael Franks, Frank Sinatra, the Beatles… and now the outstanding music of Stevie Wonder to wrap it all up. Read my story,below. This week's playlist and more here.

Musically, the Beatles changed everything. Even in Brazil, where London's new sound influenced a generation of Brazilian singers and songwriters. Read our story and get the top four Brazilian Beatles albums of all time.

Older: Frank Sinatra

Published: 10/19/2015 by Scott Adams in The Sounds of Brazil Preview Page

Frank Sinatra takes his turn in the spotlight for the second of four consecutive weekly shows on 'The Brazilian Side’ series here on The Sounds of Brazil. Plus a few surprises for ol' Blue Eyes, too. Read the incredible back story here.

This week, we’ll kick off a new radio theme with ‘The Brazilian Side’ of Michael Franks. It’s the first of four weekly shows featuring a quartet of iconic pop musicians, including Frank Sinatra, the Beatles and Stevie Wonder.

Older: Kenia's Brazilian Jazz

Published: 10/06/2015 by Scott Adams in The Sounds of Brazil Preview Page

Kenia has a voice that can seduce you into thinking that Rio is right outside your door. We play here greatest hits this week. The PLAY button and playlist are a click away

Older: Rosalia de Souza

Published: 09/29/2015 by Scott Adams in The Sounds of Brazil Preview Page

It’s the best of singer Rosalia de Souza! She became Bossa’s Modern Gil after cutting her teeth in countless studio sessions across Europe while calling Italy home. Today, she’s redefining Brazilian jazz with a sense of neo-nostalgia. Press PLAY here

Older: The Girls From Ipanema

Published: 09/22/2015 by Scott Adams in The Sounds of Brazil Preview Page

Been to Rio? Then you know that the city sings a siren’s song. This week our playlist’s filled with music from its best female performers. A two-hour radio special featuring no less than 13 of the Girls From Ipanema. Push to PLAY is a click away!