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Long Songs!! Melodies that go on forever because they have a lot to say! We'll play a baker's dozen of the very best Brazil has to offer. Two full hours of 'drift away' tunes from Milton Nascimento, Azymuth, Deodato, Al Jarreau, Pat Metheny and more.

It’s a musical way to say 'thank you' to the many Brazilian communities we serve - here in the US, in Brazil and worldwide. Happy listening and best wishes for you and those you hold dear during this holiday season.

Older: Listeners Choice!

Published: 12/13/2016 by Scott Adams in The Sounds of Brazil Preview Page

This week, we turn the entire playlist over to you for our annual ‘Listener’s Choice’ special! Did your song make it to our all-request show? Click to Listen

It’s the 50th anniversary edition for the Sergio Mendes Alumni Show! Every song features a musician who has recorded or performed with the Brazilian musical master. Plus a look back at the ‘Class of 66’ in my producer’s notes this week.Playlist here!

December’s radio theme is ‘Our Favorite Things’ and we'll get a head start with ‘Duotones: The Best Brazilian Duets’, including Brazil’s five "all-time most popular!"

Older: Kenia's Brazilian Jazz

Published: 11/23/2016 by Scott Adams in The Sounds of Brazil Preview Page

Kenia has a voice that can seduce you into thinking that Rio is right outside your door. We play here greatest hits this week. The PLAY button and playlist are a click away

Older: Gilberto Inc

Published: 11/15/2016 by Scott Adams in The Sounds of Brazil Preview Page

This week we tune in to the generational talent of Gilberto Inc., born from a single creative moment to forever influence Brazilian song. Featuring the music of Joao, his wives Astrud and Miucha, and his daughter Bebel. Get the preview & listen here!

Older: The Best of Marisa Monte

Published: 11/08/2016 by Scott Adams in The Sounds of Brazil Preview Page

Marisa Monte captures the spotlight with a ‘Best Of’ show that’s perfect for a mid-autumn fling. Plus tunes from her latest album. Click PLAY!

The passion of Milton Nascimento’s voice is the true spirit of Brazil, from its resonant depth to the chime-like clarity of his unique falsetto. We’ll tap into his best songs and a playlist filled with great music. Preview & Listen here

Older: The Best of Gal Costa

Published: 10/22/2016 by Scott Adams in The Sounds of Brazil Preview Page

It’s true: Gal Costa has a well-earned hold of her title as the ‘Grand Diva’ of Brazilian Song, so join us for two hours of her very best.. Click to Listen Now, anytime.