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Jobim The Brazilian Piano

Older: Jobim And The Brazilian Piano


Published: 01/14/2014

by Scott Adans


Program #1129 - ‘The Brazilian Piano’

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Happy 2014,

Hello! Fresh starts, new beginnings and a healthy dose of musical tradition lead the way for January and The Sounds of Brazil. Read my story below. But first, here are a few fun things to do to help you think about winter a little less... and wonderfully warm Brazil even more:


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This week’s show:

My Producer's Notes

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‘Samba de Uma Nota So’? Hardly. Not when it came to Antonio Carlos Jobim and The Brazilian Piano. The Sounds of Brazil is celebrating his music this month with our ‘January is Jobim’ theme.

The piano was Jobim’s instrument of choice and many of his best known songs began as doodles on the black and whites that connected his genius to the rest of the grand piano that sat in his home studio. And ‘The One Note Samba’ was no exception; Jobim preferring to let the chords do the harmonic hard work of shifting around that single note to create a deceptively simple melody.

Jobim was already a workaday conductor for Rio’s legendary Odeon Records by the time João Gilberto unveiled the revolutionary new rhythm called Bossa Nova in the late 50’s, but while Bossa Nova may have been invented on a guitar, it was the arrangements from Jobim’s piano that ignited the sound – one that has influenced generations of musicians in Brazil and worldwide ever since.

Where to begin? It’s easy to trace a direct path from Jobim to Marcos Ariel’s contemporary sound. And even though Philippe Saisse is not Brazilian, his read on ‘Chove Chuva’ resonates with that ‘Jazz Bossa Trio’ sound of Copacabana in the early 60’s. Eliane Elias carries forward Jobim’s classical influences of Debussy and Ravel with her characteristic grace and Cesar Camargo Mariano’s mastery of those 88’s completely reinvents’ ‘Send One Your Love’ so completely that it has brought tears to Stevie Wonder’s eyes.

More? In the 70’s pianist Antonio Adolfo spurred a generational shift away from Bossa to redefine the piano’s role in Brazil by plugging into jazz, Brazilian pop and funk.  Back then, his piano was electric but for this show, we pair him with his vocalist daughter Carol Saboya for a drift away interlude.

And two Luiz’s: Avellar, who cut his teeth with Milton Nascimento’s band in the 80’s before pausing to transform Ivan Lins’ beautifully reflective ‘Meu Pais’ for us this week, and .. Eça, whose 1964 ‘Tristeza De Nos Dois’ was recovered from the masters vault at Polygram Brasil for you to enjoy.

And you’ll love how the Brazilian piano supports singers like Djavan and Tutti Bae’s vocals. Sergio Mendes? Check. Deodato? Yep. José Roberto Bertrami? Ditto. And of course, Jobim.

Ask any one or all of these about Antonio Carlos Jobim and they’ll remind you of the true value of music: that creative commodity which is lost in the endless avalanche of mp3 downloads all too often these days. You’ll find it again here.

And that Grand Piano in Jobim’s home studio? You’ll have a rare chance to hear it played when you listen to our official webstream of this show (it’s a ‘Third Hour’ set available from the button below). Only one recoding ever took place there, and I have it for you this week.

Finally, a personal note: The Longhorn Bar in Minneapolis was the scene of many misspent weekends during my college years in Minnesota. It was home to many of my earliest jazz friendships; Irv Williams, an old-school tenor player with a great sound, and Roberta Davis, whose talent as a vocalist was of a scope well beyond the Twin Cities. Roberta often performed with a Brazilian pianist named Manfredo Fest who was in a word, exceptional at his craft.

Fest  was blind. He played like a Latin version of Oscar Peterson and had a sense of humor to match. A common mid-set joke would go like this: "Mafredo, it's snowing like crazy and its freezing outside! What's a crazy Brazilian pianist like you doing in Minnesota?" The music would halt abruptly and Fest would loudly exclaim: "Minnesota?"

I've included one of my favorite Manfredo Fest tunes from those early days as our Video of the Week on the Brazil Club Lounge page. It's called 'Facing East', featuring Roberta's lovely vocaleze.

Now it’s time for me turn the ‘keys’ over to you.


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Hour 1:

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme


Horizonte<>Eliane Elias/A Long Story

This Happy Madness<>Frank Sinatra/Sinatra & Company

Welcome to The Brazilian Club Lounge.

Chove Chuva<>Philippe Saisse/Body and Soul


Set 2:

Cristalina<>Antonio Adolfo & Carol Saboya/Adolfo Ao Vivo

Bossa Blue<>Chris Standring/Blue Bolero

Introduce Next Set

Send One Your Love<>Cesar Camargo Mariano/Mitos

Love Dance<>George Benson

Tantos Desejos<>Suba/Brasil 2000


Set 3: This Week’s Brazilian Minute: ‘Ouro Preto’

Introduce This Week’s Spotlight Song

Meu Pais (My Country)<>Luiz Avelar/Homenagem a Ivan Lins                                  

Voce Bem Sabe<>Djavan/Puzzle of Hearts

Tristeza De Nos Dois<>Luiz Eca/Bossa Nova-Sua Historia, Sua Gente


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Hour 2:

Set 1:

Fool On The Hill<>Sergio Mendes/Classics 

Introduce Next Song

Sem Rumo<>Tutti Bae/Mosaico

Carly & Carole<>Deodato/Prelude

Welcome To Our Second Hour

Estrada Do Sol<>Tom Jobim/The Composer

Antonio’s Song<>Michael Franks/Dragonfly Summer

Brazilia<>Waymon Tisdale/Face To Face


Set 2:

Cada Beijo<>Bebel Gilberto/Bebel

Calm<>Marcos Ariel/Magic Eyes

Introduce Next Song

Nos Dois<>Milton Nascimento/A Barca Dos Amantes

Tender Storm<>John Klemmer/Brazilia

Paradise<>Gervaso Silva/Sade In Bossa


Set 3:

To Say Goodbye<>Keyvn Lettau/Kevyn Lettau

Valsa de Uma Cidade<>Azymuth/Carioca

~ ~ ~


Next week, The Sounds of Brazil explores ‘The Brazilian Guitar’ by featuring many of our Brazil’s best six- and seven-string strummers. It’s a show you won’t wan to miss as part of ‘January Is Jobim’ theme (Antonio Carlos Jobim’s birthday is January 25th).

More and more Brazilian music fans are tuning in each week and I hope you will too. And please - tell a few friends about our show on WDCB and Rick O'Dell's new Smooth Jazz

Always a pleasure,


Scott Adams

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