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Published: 12/13/2016

by Scott Adams


Program #1281 - 'Listener's Choice!'

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This is the time of year where tradition takes hold of the calendar, and it’s no less true for The Sounds of Brazil as I turn the entire playlist over to you for our annual ‘Listener’s Choice’ special. Four long weeks ago, I invited requests via Facebook,Twitter and our streaming Midday Show. Did your song make it? View our playlist after the break!

The 12 Days of Samba begins today and continues through Christmas Day on our home page, with each day bringing a new Samba story, personality or trivia fun. It's the inspiration of Miguel de Leon's 'Malandro Project', recorded in Rio with Leo Gandelman and Leila Pinheiro. The Malandro is Samba's iconic 'bad boy' and you'll learn more about him and 2017's 100 Years of Samba celebration with this fun, end-of-year treat! 

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Wednesday's Brazil Back2Back features two Brazilian Christmas favs to help us get over Hump Day this week. Listen to Brazil Back2Back at 11 am and 2 pm Central, exclusively on The Sounds of Brazil webstream from the PLAY button above. Click here for our 24/7 Brazilian Christmas channel!

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Sunday’s Brazilian Brunch features 'Brazilian Gems and Forgotten Favorites'! I hope you’ll plan to join us this Sunday at 9 am Central, again at 2 p and 8 pm.

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This week’s show:

My Producer's Notes

Listen to The Sounds of Brazil every three hours beginning at 6am Central Time daily.

Last year, Winter seems to be taking every opportunity to hide itself from the calendar, bu this time, its a different story and the chances for a ‘White Christmas’ here in Chicago are looking pretty good these days. That’s fine in my book, and inspiration enough for another great radio show to continue December's month-long ‘Our Favorite Things’ theme.

Here's a show that's 100% request-driven with listener favorites from our 23 years of broadcasting the best of Brazilian music. You never know what will pop up on the playlist for an ‘All Request’ show, and this year is no exception. ‘Listener’s Choice’ has a long history with The Sounds of Brazil – our first one aired in 1994 and it’s been pretty much an annual radio event ever since.

As I mentioned at the top, this year we used social media to get the word out for requests - for a specific song, artist or music style - and the results were really impressive with more than enough song suggestions to do two complete shows!

The playlist holds a lot of familiar names with more than a few ‘forgotten favorites’, too: now that we are streaming 'Live' with more than 5,000 songs added to our library, a few of our earliest favs made into the show this week, so go ahead: spike your eggnog or heat up a Rum Toddy.

No, wait! Make that a chilled caipirinha with fresh limes and sugar, and settle in for two hours of fan favorites! At work, at home, on your phone, in your car, wherever you are, there’s always room for you to settle in with me for a few relaxing hours.

A cool breeze in summer and a warm wind when the weather turns cold. That’s The Sounds of Brazil!... and our ‘Listener’s Choice’ show!

- Scott Adams




“Our Favorite Things – Listener’s Choice”

 Hour 1:          

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme                                

Dondi<>Ed Motta/AOR

Bossa Real<>Kenny G/Brazilian Nights

Rio De Janeiro Blue<>Randy Crawford/Secret    

Welcome to The Brazil Club Lounge

Ja Nao Somos Dois<>Djavan/Rua Das Amores

Special Announcement

The Christmas Waltz<>Lori Mechem/Brazilian Christmas


Set 2:

Sincopado-Edge Of The Night<>Paulo Ramos/Futuro

Moon & Star<>Ricardo Silveira/Amazon Secrets

Introduce Next Set

Let Your Love Rise<>Fabiana Passoni/Let Your Love Rise

Bossa Blue<>Chris Standring/Blue Bolero

La Bella Luna<>Paralamas/Os Succesos


Set 3: This Week’s Spotlight Song

Meu Pais (My Country)<>Ivan Lins/Awa Yio

Um Feliz Natal<>Ivan Lins & Jose Feliciano/Um Novo Tempo


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Hour 2:

Set 1:

Bananeira<>Bebel Gilberto/Tanto Tempo

Welcome to our Second Hour       

Meu Bem Querer<>Will Dowing/Euphoria

Lume<>Marvio Ciribelli/Teclado

Corcovado<>Morgana King/Magic Swing

Special Announcement

God Rest Ye Merry<>Dan Moretti/December Solstice


Set 2:


Visions of You<>Janelle Monae/Magic

Introduce Next Set                                              

Favo De Mel<>Milton Nascimento/Rio 2 Soundtrack

The Angels I Know<>Marcos Ariel/Hand Dance

You Moved Me<>Ivan Lins & Brenda Russell/Love Dance  


Set 3:

Ultra-Leve Amor<>Jorge Vercillo/Sinal no Ar

Spring Ain’t Here<>Pat Metheny/Letter From Home 

~ ~ ~

Next Week:  It's our annual 'Brazilian Christmas Special'! And you’re invited to drop a note in the Chat Box on our home page, too!

Whether it’s your radio, your computer at work or your tablet or smart phone, thanks for tuning in! I really appreciate it, and please tell a friend or two about us.

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Happy Listening,

Scott Adams

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