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Long Songs!

Older: Long Songs - The Winter Edition Playlist


Published: 02/21/2018

by Scott Adams


Program #1343 - 'Long Songs - The Winter Edition’

This show airs daily from 02-21-18 through 02-27-18 Monday-Friday at 7am, 3pm, 6pm and midnight Central Time (US). Weekends, too.

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Fact: Even February's longer days are short.

It's true. But we perfer to look at thngs differently. How about "every day gets a little bit longer?" Closer to Spring and the Summer sun. After all, The Sounds of Brazil is the only streamong station that chases the sun all year long... So here's two hours of the longest songs for our longer days. It's the Winter Edition, so enjoy!


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Have a song you'd like to hear?  Request a song, style or artist on the Brazil Club Lounge page anytime! If I select yours, you’ll hear me play it and announce your name on the radio too. Go ahead, its fun! Check out the Hot List for songs you'd like to hear.





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This week’s show:

'Long Songs - The Winter Edition' 

Hour 1:

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme

Latin Lovers<>Lee Ritenour/Festival

Coisa Mais Linda<>Carlos Lyra/Bossa Nova Sua Gente

Welcome to The Brazilian Club Lounge

Underneath The Face of the Moon<>Kevyn Lettau/Universal Language

Special Announcement


Set 2:

Introduce Next Set

Everybody Let’s Go<>Seu Jorge/Musica Par Chruassco, Vol 2

Sexy Bossa<>Latin Vibe/Chill Classics

Aguas De Marco<>Boney James/Shine

Mercy Street<>Leila Pinheiro & Ze Bruno/Big Circle


Set 3: Introduce This Week’s Spotlight Song

Also Sprach Zarathustra/Theme From 2001<>Deodato/Prelude

Escape<>Marcos Valle/Best of Marcos Valle


More from Brazil Club:


Hour 2:

Set 1:

Last Summer In Rio<>Azymuth/Telecommunication

Welcome To Our Second Hour

Like A Lover<>Al Jarreau/Symphonic Bossa Nova

Awakening<>Francois K w/Barbra Mendes/Bossa Tres Jazz 2

Special Announcement


Set 2:

Introduce Next Song

Aquarela<>Lila & Rhythmic Control/ Brazilian Chill Sessions

Blue Bossa<>Torcuato Mariano/Brazilian Nights    

Salt Song<>Stanley Turrentine/Salt Song

Special Announcement

Come With Me<>Tania Maria/Come With Me


Set 3:

Caberet da Sereia<>Flavio Venturini/Noites Com Sol

~ ~ ~

Next week, It's lights, camera, action' as 'Brazil Goes To The Movies' - just in time for the Academy Awards. I hope you’ll enjoy the show and please - tell a few friends about us on WDCB and the new It's always great to share the music.

Always a pleasure,


Scott Adams

The Sounds of Brazil!

I hope you’ll enjoy the show and please - tell a friend or two about us.

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This Week on The Sounds of Brazil : 'Long Songs - The Winter Edition

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