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Older: Minas Brazilian Jazz


Published: 06/16/2015

by Scott Adams


Program #1203 - ‘Minas Brazilian Jazz'

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Our 'Brazilian Jazzmasters' theme travels to Philly this week to feature the husband and wife duo of Minas and a new album, 'Symphony In Bossa'. Longtime fans are very familiar with the music of Orlando Haddad and Patricia King, who created the closing theme for our radio show. More below.



Sunday’s Brazilian Brunch invites you to join us for 'Summer Sambas' as we turn the page on another season.

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Have a Favorite song you'd like to hear? June’s ‘Brazilian Jazzmasters' theme comes with an invitation to share your favorite song, style or artist. You could even win a Brazilian CD when I play yours. Visit the Lounge to place a request!

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This week’s show:

My Producer's Notes

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From the very beginning, the Philadelphia-based group Minas has enjoyed a special relationship with The Sounds of Brazil. I selected their 'Dream Of Brazil' as the closing theme for my radio show back in 1992. It was an easy decision: Orlando Haddad and Patricia King were immediately generous with their enthusiasm and support and we've kept our musical relationship over the years. So have they.

You might say Patricia King and Orlando Haddad have a marriage made in musical heaven. This married couple make up the group Minas and have celebrated 32 years performing together – 30 of those as spouses. Founded in 1978, Minas was a labor of the love of Brazilian music. King and Haddad, while coming from different cultures and backgrounds, found common ground, romance, and musical inspiration along the way.

“We met in college. We both went to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem. I came there from Rio to study composition, and Patricia came from Pennsylvania to study opera. We were colleagues and took a lot of classes together,” Haddad says. “Patricia would approach me and show me things that she had written. She was interested in having Portuguese lyrics, and she gave them to me and I really liked them and wrote lyrics for them. We began collaborating a little bit and singing some Sergio Mendes tunes and then we immediately started working and getting gigs.”

Today, the band is a Philadelphia mainstay and one of the city’s most popular musical acts. Their music has appeared in film, television, and public and college radio, and their success led to a string of CDs. Since its inception, Minas hasn’t slowed down and the husband and wife team continue to be amazed at their Brazilian band’s success.

“One of the wonderful things we’ve been able to do is a lot of concert work with our original music, go to a lot of venues, and just play a whole evening of original compositions,” King says. “We’ve had a great response and that’s very nice. We haven’t had to go and do a lot of covers and other kinds of things musically to make it here in Philadelphia, so it’s been a great city for us.

Musically, Minas builds its sound on Haddad and King as the core of the group. But the band is flexible performing as a duo, sextet, or even as a big band. At the heart of Minas’s jazzy blend, is Haddad playing guitar and Patricia on piano, with both singing. Both also compose and write for the band, with songs sung in Portuguese and English with a stellar mix of classical, jazz, and Bossa Nova rhythms.

The result is a subtle yet melodic trip – bringing to mind a Rio sunset, a walk through a garden in spring, or a relaxing evening with friends. In their 30-plus years as spouses and music partners, King’s sultry piano and feathery-soft voice blend perfectly with Haddad’s distinct Brazilian guitar.

As Haddad notes, Minas hopes for that perfect blend of opposites – the old and new, the antiquated and the modern, male and female, north and south, samba and jazz, English and Portuguese – a dichotomy of sound that continues to please audiences.

Scott Adams

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The Sounds of Brazil streaming radio at is the official webstream partner for The Sounds of Brazil!


“Brazilian Jazzmasters – Minas Brazilian Jazz”

Hour 1:

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme

Parabens<>Marcos Valle/Gilles Goes To Brazil

Latin Storm<>Jack Jezzro/Brazilian Nights

Corcovado<>Sarah Vaughan/Heartbreakers OMPS

Welcome to the Brazil Club Lounge                  

Dream of Brazil<>Minas/Dreams of Brazil

Special Announcement: 

Menina Moca<>Kenny G/Brazilian Nights 


Set 2:

Introduce Our Next Set

Temporal<>Minas/Bossa Nova Day

Antigua<>Leo Gandelman/Brazilian Soul

Introduce Next Set                           

Segredos<>Eliane Elias/Around The City

Jazzil<>Corcovado Experience/Bossa Now #6:After Dark         

Agua De Beber<>Ulisses Rocha/Moleque


Set 3: This Week’s Spotlight Song

Triste<>Minas/Symphony In Bossa

Muito A Vontade<>Sergio Mendes/Brasil 65

Samba Dobrado<>Djavan/Samba


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Hour 2:

Set 1:

For Your Love<>Brazil, Inc./Bossa Now – Stevie Wonder

Slow Motion Bossa<>Clara Moreno/Morena Bossa Nova

Welcome To Our Second Hour

Zingaro<>Antonio Carlos Jobim/The Composet

Everybody Loves The Sunshine/Seu Jorge 

Bossa Blue<>Chris Standring/Blue Bolero 

Special Announcement: 

Incendiando<>Eliane Elias/Made In Brazil


Set 2:

Introduce Next Set

Tin Tin Por Tin Tin (Little By Little)<>Joao Gilberto/Amoroso

Chuva<>Michael Lington & Torcuato Mariano/Heat

Introduce Next Song                                                                     

Feira Livre<>Minas/In Rio

Bellavista<>Barrio Jazz Gang/Spectrum                       

The Island<>Roseanna Vitro/Reaching For The Stars


Set 3:

Dona Flor<>Minas/Bossa Nova Day

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Next Week:  Our month-long Brazilain Jazzmasters tour heads south to Rio, picking up the trail of guitarist Ricardo Silveira.  As always, you’re invited to drop a note in the Chat Box on our home page!

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