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Published: 12/31/2014


Program #1179 - ‘The Best of Brazil 2014’

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It's time for The Sounds of Brazil to look back at 2014: 18 years ago, I resolved to wrap up the year's musical highlights with an annual 'Best of Brazil' show, and here we go again!


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This week’s show:

My Producer's Notes

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Our annual ‘Year In Review’ shows are always fun to listen to – and also to produce. It’s kind of like having your horse come in after a last-minute guess at the betting window: You know how it will start, but not how it will all end up.

In many ways, 2014 was a year of surprises. Both Sergio Mendes adn Bebel Gilberto released stunning new albums. Djavan enjoyed a resurgence which was long overdue, and Germany's Berman Brothers flew under the musical radar to create their 'Project Rio' by taking original vocals of top pop and R&B hits and giving them a Brazilian twist. It's our 'Album of the Year'.

Torcuato Mariano was part of Studio Rio's vision, as was newcomer Marcela Biasi with her 'song 'Destino'. Fabiana Passoni hit big with her first song in English Will Downing sang in Portuguese and new albums by Thievery Corporation, Ed Motta and Les Sabler helped to make 2014 a very special year.

Our end-of-the-year special captures the best of these and other performers in the studio and on stage. And in keeping with our own long-held tradition, I’ll debut a few new songs that’ll help you get 2015 underway in tropically smooth style.

The Sounds of Brazil’s streaming radio had its best year ever in 2014 and on Thansgiving Day we launched the all-new, 'Live' streaming station by adding 5,000 songs and two new Monday-Friday shows: 'Quiet Nights' is our new evening home for Brazilian jazz and more and I host a daily show 9 am - 3 pm CT.

So all in all, 2014 shaped up to be a very good year for Brazilian music, with an emphasis on exciting new voices. And you can count on The Sounds of Brazil to create new stories for 2015.

What will we be talking about next December?  Stay tuned!

Happy New Year!

Scott Adams

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The Sounds of Brazil streaming radio at is the official webstream partner for The Sounds of Brazil!

“Our Favorite Things – The Best of 2014”

Hour 1:          

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme                                

Don’t Say Goodbye<>Sergio Mendes w/John Legend/Magic

Destino<>Marcela Biasi/Marcela Biasi

Water To Drink<>Lee Ritenour-Dave Grusin/World of Brazil

Welcome to The Brazil Club Lounge

Morena<>Rique Pantoja/Rique Pantoja with Ernie Watts  

Special Announcement

Anuncio<>Luisa Maita/Lero-Lero



Set 2:

About You<>Celia Vaz/Demo

Bossa Real<>Kenny G/Brazilian Nights

Introduce Next Set

Favo De Mel<>Milton Nascimento/Rio 2 Soundtrack

Sessao da Onze<>Ricardo Silveira/RSVC

Causa e Effeito<>Rael/Ainda Bem Que...


Set 3: This Week’s Spotlight Song

Let Your Love Rise<>Fabiana Passoni/Let Your Love Rise                                                                                      

Day In-Night Out<>Mike Metheny/Day In         


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Hour 2:

Set 1:

Chuva de Prata<>Gal Costa/Gal Costa

A Felicidade<>Les Sabler/Jobim Tribute

Ja Nao Somos Dois<>Djavan /Rua Das Amores

Welcome To Our Second Hour

Girl From Ipanema<>Stan Getz/Getz-Gilberto

O Leaozinho<>Brasil Inc./Instrumental

Tout Est Bleu<>Bebel Gilberto/Tudo

Special Announcement

Meu Bem Querer<>Will Downing/Euphoria


Set 2:

Human Nature<>Luiza Possi/Studio Project

Simple Guy<>Ed Motta/AOR

Introduce Next Song

Decollage<>Thievery Corporation/Saudade

Batucada<>Boney James/The Beat

Sexual Healing<>Marvin Gaye & Studio Rio/Project Rio


Set 3:

Summer Breezin’ (SomeBossa)<>Al Jarreau/My Old Friend

~ ~ ~

Next Week:  I'll kick off our 'January is Jobim' theme with 'The  Brazilian Piano'. Two hours of songs from the instrument Tom Jobim perferred most. And you’re invited to drop a note in the Chat Box on our home page, too!

Whether it’s your radio, your computer at work or your tablet or smart phone, thanks for tuning in! I really appreciate it, and please tell a friend or two about us.

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Happy Listening,

Scott Adams

The Sounds of Brazil!