Older: Guitarist Sandro Albert


Published: 07/12/2016

by Scott Adams


Program #1259 - 'Summer Sambas - Sandro Albert'

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As I stated in my opening for this week's show, guitarist Sandro Albert may not be a household name, but in Brazilian jazz circles he is, as a in-demad sideman, as well as a top notch producer and composer, whose talent moves easily from instrumentals to vocals. We'll sample some of his best recordings from all those roles, plus a song from his latest album, 'Samba Bop'.


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This week’s show:

My Producer's Notes

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When guitarist Sandro Albert arrived on the American jazz scene several years ago, it was pretty clear than his talent as a performer, songwriter and producer was a musical revelation: His ‘Color of Things’ album featured his ability to delight with a turn of a phrase made each song something very special for Brazilian Jazz fans. And all of this is wrapped up in a sound and style that recalls Pat Metheny and Toninho Horta without mimicking either one.

Yellowjacket bass player Jimmy Haslip was impressed, saying "Sandro Albert is one of the best young contemporary guitarists. And as a composer he writes refined music."

Then add the combination of talented instrumentalist, imaginative arranger, and crafted composer wrapped up in one person: Sandro Albert seems to have unlimited ideas in his head, each selection exudes originality. Utilizing his Brazilian background and his American jazz influences, Albert has written great music full of imagination and warmth.

Albert was born and raised in the south Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, where he was introduced to a musical future in an unlikely way: “I bought my first guitar there from the ice cream man. I used to listen to him play his guitar when he would take breaks. He was an older man and he played very well. I had saved some money and had bought an air rifle but my father made me return it. Then I remembered the ice cream man and his guitar. I guess he needed the money because he sold it to me for what I had.”

In Brazil, Sandro found his magical sense of harmony and melody; in the United States, he defined his masterful improvisational style. Two countries with a musical foot in each.

And this week, no travel plans are needed. The best of Sandro Albert is just a click away.

Scott Adams


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“Summer Sambas - Sandro Albert”

Hour 1:

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme

Timeless<>India.Arie with Sergio Mendes/Timeless

Super Ambient<>Bossacucanova/Ipanema Lounge V.1   

Fiesta In Belo Horizonte<>Martin Boettcher/Sound Kaleidoscope

Welcome to the Brazil Club Lounge                     

Circular<>Bianca Rossini/Kiss of Brazil

Special Announcement

Setembro<>Quincy Jones/Back on The Block    


Set 2:

Introduce Our Next Set

Minas to Rio<>Sandro Albert/The Color of Things

Jazzil<>Corcovado Experience/Bossa Now #6:After Dark                   

Introduce Next Song

Nos Dois<>Milton Nascimento/A Barca Dos Amantes

Tender Storm<>John Klemmer/Brazilia

Morning In Rio<>Sergio Mendes/Encanto


Set 3: The Spotlight Song of the Week

Quiet Control<>Sandro Albert/Samba Bop          

Tarde Solar<>Patricia Talem/Patricia Talem


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Hour 2:

Set 1:

Chuva de Prata<>Gal Costa/Gal Costa

If We Could Dance Now<>Sandro Albert/Color of Things

Welcome To Our Second Hour

Nos E O Mar<>Doris Monteiro/ Bossa Nova Sua Historia

Green Eyes<>Marcos Ariel/My Only Passion

Bossa 31<>Rosalia de Souza/Garota Moderna

Special Announcement

‘S Wonderful<>Joao Gilberto/Amoroso


Set 2:

Introduce Next Set

Estate<>Sandro Albert/Soulful People

Introduce Next Song                                                                     

Midnight Heartbreak<>Nelson Rangell/In A Brazilian Mood

Samba Da Barra<>Azymuth/Tightrope Walker



Set 3:


Love Dance<>Mike Metheny/Street of Dreams    

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