A Great Song Can Make Time Stand Still

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 02/21/2018 - 12:51 pm

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Long Songs: Making Time Stand Still                                                                     Image - uncredited       

Brazil Club 411: Maybe it's happened to you: A moment in time where the music absorbs every thought; all of your senses, transfixing you completely. Here's what happened to me on the very first night of mo Rio de Janeiro.

True Story

Most of the songs I play on The Sounds of Brazil's weekly show run around three to five minutes, and I always do our best to squeeze in as much music as possible into each program. That makes it particularity difficult to play longer songs, especially more than one per show.  And it takes some pretty careful planning to fit a bunch of them into the confines of our two-hour time frame.

So, the idea for our 'Long Songs' shows was inspired by a special memory; one that goes all the way back to the first night of my first trip to Rio de Janeiro in 1987.

The day had been a long one with a stop in Miami before catching the overnight flight to Brazil. A dawn landing in Rio, then customs and baggage; the hour-long bus ride to our Copacabana hotel during the morning rush, check in and then finally(!) to the room itself.

We awoke several hour later with time enough to catch some late-afternoon seaside sun then a leisurely dinner at Mariu's with the rest of our crew before heading out to Jazzmania, Rio's legendary jazz club just off the beach in Ipanema.



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Jazzmania's Secrets

Out of the taxi and up a steep, narrow (and poorly lit) stairway to the second-floor entrance, the sounds from the stage filtering down as we approached. Tight quarters and small tables, but we'd made it to Zona Sul's musical Mecca. Pat Metheny had played there just a few nights earlier (he kept an apartment nearby during his 'Letters From Home' and 'Still Life (Talking)' years).

But tonight, it was the Brazilian jazz super group Cama de Gato, and it was perfect. The music washed over me, soothing away the stress of that long day, suspending time with each song. Giving me permission to relax. In fact, everything that Rio had hinted at upon our arrival – was confirmed with those 'drift away' songs I heard that very first night.

It’s a story not uncommon to first-time visitors – or even die-hard Carioca wanna-be’s. Brazilian jazz is comfortable in taking it's sweet, melodic time, and maybe that's a key to understanding all of this. Take Antonio Carlos Jobim's music for instance: Many of his best tunes time in at under three minutes, yet the melodies take advantage of every second to tell their story.

So this week, The Sounds of Brazil is a perfect showcase for those Brazilian tunes that 'have a lot to say'.

The 'Long Songs' Playlist

We've done a good job: Settle in to enjoy 'Long Songs' from Pat Metheny, Kevyn Lettau, Deodato, and Torcuato Mariano. There's Lee Ritenour with João Bosco, Seu Jorge, Al Jarreau, Latin Vibe and Flavio Venturini: stretching out the sound to make time (almost!) stand still.

One more story.

This week's program also includes Azymuth's ultimate long song anthem, 'Last Summer In Rio', which found its way into my 'long play' collection when it was released in 1982. The artwork caught my eye and soon I was on my way home, where I sat in the quiet of a snowy winter's night (lights out...) and listened.

Long or short, our days fill up quickly. There's less time to give ourselves over to moments like this. But isn't it funny how musical memories - like musical melodies - can last a long, long time?

Happy Listening,

Scott Adams



Top - Cafe Copa


This Week on The Sounds of Brazil : 'Long Songs - The Winter Edition’

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