Bebel Gilberto At City Winery Chicago

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 08/13/2013 - 10:07 am

Brazil Club reviews Bebel Gilberto

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Who is she: Her father’s daughter

Why Is she important: Still Brazil’s reining Diva


One fan might have summed it up best last night during the ‘after set’ for Bebel Gilberto at Chicago’s City Winery: “It’s a universal vibe. It’s like we’re all friends through her music but nobody knows each other and so we all just seem get together whenever she’s here.”

Totally in keeping with Bebel’s unique ability to connect with a crowd. Opening with ‘Traquilo’ from her Momento album, she absorbed the focus of a busy room in a single sensual move. “Tranqulio…” she cooed, “Tranquila, la-la-laaa…” and the audience went right along with her.  

There’s an unbridled honesty with Bebel Gilberto that – just like with her father João - can be both emotionally breathtaking and frankly frustrating (what happened onstage in Madison Wisconsin, anyway?) and it allows her to transcend the music.

A dozen red roses from John. “Wait! You did this before, right? I have a memory…” As she plucked, then tucked a single bloom into her hair she invited us to toast John, her ‘look’ and everyone around us. So we did. Somewhere in all of this was Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t She Lovely’, which in the context of the night just might have been autobiographical.


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Duran, Duran’s ‘Rio’ became a sublime samba. Alice was celebrating her birthday and shouted out ‘Aganjú’. “Good Idea,” confirmed Bebel and the band obliged. A smart phone appeared from the front row and Bebel began to snap pictures: the band, the crowd... herself. “Once I got a phone, so we stopped the show and I called my mom in Rio,” she announced. “But she wasn’t home, so I got the audience all to say ‘We love you, Miucha!”

Baden Powell’s reworked ‘Samba da Benção’ from Tanto Tempo closed the set with Jorge Continentino’s bari sax playing deep and languid lines behind her. An encore wrapped up with ‘Close Your Eyes’ and an enthusiastic chorus of ‘Thank yous’ to John, the audience and City Winery as she closed out her two-night stay.

“Who was here yesterday? You? Today is better, yes? Oh, that makes me feel so good.”



(Happy birthday, Alice!)