Best Brazilian Songs of 2017 - Part Three

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 01/02/2018 - 01:53 pm

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Tiago Iorc - divulgacao      


The Old Year Was A New Year:  Was 2017 a reboot for Brazilian music? Many think so. A strong move back to major label signings thanks to the return of singles: the strength of an expressive song with a great story; personal creativity turning once again to Brazil’s wealth of world-class production and promotion. Social media is driving Indie success like never before in Brazil.


Here’s the best of the year’s best, Part Three.

Namarados - Roberto Vally featuring Fabiana Passoni 


2017 was an unusually quiet year for Fabiana Passoni, but the popular Brazilian-American singer/songwriter showed up as a guest vocalist on Roberto Vally’s ‘Pure Lines’ to make Namarados one of the year’s best. Passoni is at her sultry best while Vally lays down that intoxicating Zombie bass-line. But ‘Pure Lines’ is not what you think, it’s what you hear.


SolCéu E Mar - Sabrina Malheiros


It’s no secret that while Brazil’s music industry works its way back to the mainstream, London’s Far Out Records is taking up the slack, producing quality Brazilian jazz albums, year after year. 2017’s ‘Clareia’ from Sabrina Malheiros is one of the label’s best, showcasing her trademark style on Sun, Sky and Sea’. Brightly uplifting.



Escrito No Vento - The Richard Sorce Project 


Seldom has a large ensemble Bossa Nova recording impressed with such ease – and depth. Indie veteran Richard Sorce creates a beautifully Brazilian soundscape with these 15 instrumentals and vocals courtesy of Iara Negrete. With so much of today’s Brazilian music pushed by “PC”-this and “#”-that, ‘Samba Para A Vida’ a simple delight.





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Mais Bonito Não Há - Tiago Iorc & Milton Nascimento

There exists in Brazilian music an articulation of generation and culture that has been largely cast aside by American music, and this single recording is a good example. Rising star Iorc took the initiative to invite Nascimento into the studio and we love this song not because it is perfect (it’s not), but because it is heartfelt… and honest. If Bling is your thing look elsewhere.



Beauty And The BeastAntonio Adolfo 


Few American-born musicians of Wayne Shorter’s stature can claim to have a foot in jazz and another in Brazil without compromising either, so it’s fair to say that Adolfo’s ‘Hybrido - From Rio to Wayne Shorter’ unites these two important elements of Shorter’s life in near-perfect symmetry. Pianist Adolfo revisits eight songs from the Shorter discography (including two from ‘Native Dancer’) as well as his own tribute tune. Nominated for a Grammy for ‘Best Latin Jazz Album’, it’s well deserved.


Diáspora - Tribalistas  (Arnaldo Antunes, Carlinhos Brown, Marisa Monte)


What was long-rumored in 2016 came to fruition last August: after 15 years of hints and silence, Tribalistas (Arnaldo Antunes, Carlinhos Brown and Marisa Monte) took to social media to announce a new album, ‘Tribalistas’ (2017). This world-class song resonates best but the launch day echo faded quickly, with Folha de S.Paulo wondering if these three titans are out of step when walking together: “This new work shows a trio that is not only smaller  than the sum of its isolated parts, but of what has already been.” Perhaps their 2018 tour will meet our greater expectations.

Vento Praia Nordeste - Zanna

A name new to everyone’s list in 2017 is Zanna, whose big vocal break came not on stage but on rail: Zanna owns a sound imaging company in Rio de Janerio and she’s the official voice of Rio’s sprawling subway system. Recorded in Rio and L.A., she released her self-titled debut album in July, and it resulted in three Latin Grammy nominations, including best MPB album. 


That's the end of Part Three for our Best Brazilian Songs of 2017. Check out Part One and Part Two.


Happy Listening,

Scott Adams

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