Best Brazilian Songs of 2017 - Part Two

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 01/01/2018 - 11:34 am

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The Old Year Was A New Year:  Was 2017 a reboot for Brazilian music? Many think so. A strong move back to major label signings thanks to the return of singles: the strength of an expressive song with a great story; personal creativity turning once again to Brazil’s wealth of world-class production and promotion. Social media is driving Indie success like never before in Brazil.


Here’s the best of the year’s best, Part Two.

Planador - Gabriel Martins


Instrumental stars from Brazil? Times change. But 2017’s bright point of instrumental light came to us from Gabriel Martins, the guitar-playing son of Vitor Martins (longtime songwriting partner with Ivan Lins). His debut album ‘Mergulho’ proves that the chord doesn’t fall far from the staff with these 11 originals – each reflecting his relationship with nature - with two featuring Lins as special guest. Those easy reggae, rock and Brazilian Lounge rhythms have us looking ahead to what 2018 might bring. 


Quando Voce Voltar - J. Marino & Friends     


It took a couple years after its 1989 release in Japan before the self-titled album by the L.A. supergroup Velas found its way the US, but once it did, songs like ‘Ilha Dos Frades’ became early favorites of The Sounds of Brazil’s radio playlists for the next 25 years. Now, the co-leader of that famous group has returned with a follow-up album of vocals and instrumentals called ‘My Little Town’ with a lineup including Dori Caymmi and Oscar Castro-Neves. The first single Quando Voce Voltar features vocalist Lois Albez to project a worthy companion to the original and one of the best Brazilian jazz albums of the year.



Vocé Não Presta - Mallu Magalhães


It’s been several years since Mallu Magalhães delivered a new album, but 2017’s ‘Vem’ (‘Come’) opened ears with Vocé Não Presta, one of the few that really caught on Brazilian fans this year. There’s an earthy honesty in her music and we’re reminded of a simple truth: not every musician needs exceptional skills to get the message across. Dose Mallu have a great singing voice? Did Nara Leão? Welcome back.





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Te Faço Um Cafuné - Mariana Aydar

When Dominguinhos recorded the Xote anthem Te Faço Um Cafuné in 1985, no one could have anticipated the song’s rebirth as a dreamy lounge favorite 32 years later. Made famous on the soundtrack of Globo’s popular novela ‘A Força do Querer’, Aydar replaces the accordion with atmospherics and an electric backbeat to reinvent this classic from the Brazilian northeast.


Libertar - Mart'nália


Okay, we cheered when Martinho da Villa’s daughter won the Latin Grammy award for ‘+ Misturado’ as Best Samba/Pagode Album in Las Vegas last November. But honestly, it’s an honor long overdue for Mart'nália who celebrated her 30th career year in 2017. As a Samba stalwart, her talent is unique but Libertar has also become a Sounds of Brazil favorite this year, thanks to the marriage of a compelling bass line and persuasive percussion.


Soldado De Amor - Monica Da Silva  


In recent years, Monica Da Silva has collected nearly as many zip codes as the number of memorable songs she’s given us, and that’s a good thing because ‘Solider of Love’ is no exception. Da Silva says the song was inspired by Carnaval’s vintage "marchinha" Samba and it struck the right chord with BBC television, which added it to mini-series, “The Replacement”.

That's the end of Part Two for our Best Brazilian Songs of 2017. Click here for Part Three.


Happy Listening,

Scott Adams

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