Brazil Carnaval Celebrates 100 Years of Samba in Salvador, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 02/27/2017 - 11:17 am

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Salvador Bahia’s Trio Electricos gave this year’s Carnaval celebrations their start last Wednesday, and by the weekend hundreds of thousands of revelers were dancing in the streets for Rio de Janeiro's oldest and biggest block party, the Bola Preta. Nearly a million people have attended this “Black Ball” in previous years and true to fashion, once again dressed in black and white garb to honor the spirt of Sambas’ 100th Year in Carnaval. 

Here in the USA, tens of thousands more celebrated at dozens  of Carnaval parties coast-to-coast, with more to come.

This year, “the world’s largest party” is expected to bring in an estimated $1 billion in much-needed dollar for Rio, but the celebrations began on an odd note when the city's deeply religious mayor Marcelo Crivella declined to attend the starting ceremonies on Friday.

After a long and awkward two-hour delay Rio’s Secretary of Culture arrived to give the carnival king or "Rei Momo" the ceremonial key to the city. This tradition dates back to the early days of Carnaval as the official proclamation to both Cariocas and visitors to “have a good time.”

In Salvador, an enormous crowd gathered on Saturday to hear musicians Gilberto Gil and Caetana Veloso sing as they celebrated 50 years of the Tropicália, the brief but energetic musical movement that they started in 1967. Tropicália official 50 Year celebration begins in April.

Meanwhile in Sao Paulo, party-goers again spent too much time with massive traffic jams while parades marched in Sampa’s own Sambadrome.

Celebrations will continue across the country until Tuesday. Here are some of the best images from Rio’s Samba schools this year: