Cafezinho: Joao & Bebel Gilberto "Then & Now"

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 06/05/2014 - 05:54 pm

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A year or two ago last week, Bebel Gilberto posted the picture below on Instagram, writing "Me and Dad. Amor! Immense Saudade! Thinking of you, counting the days until your birthday,"

Bebel is riding high with the success of her latest album 'Tudo' while her father – who is also the Father of Bossa Nova, and husband first to Astrud and now  Bebel’s mom, Miucha – will celebrate his 85th birthday today, on Friday, June 10th.

Recently João Gilberto decided to spend some time away from his Rio apartment overlooking the sea in Leblon, and has moved in to the elegant Copacabana Palace Hotel while dedicated himself to a new musical project (it would be his first sinc 2000). The hotel is not stranger to celebrity; known for hosting the likes of Mick Jagger, Gene Kelly, Nelson Mandela and Princess Diana.

And today, there is word of a new album from Bebel later this year, and perhaps with participation her dad? "If it were up to me,"said Bebel,"I would have made that album the day before yesterday!" 

We’ll celebrate during the Midday Show, with at least one Joao Gilberto song every hour, and right now with a small collection of images, then and now. Enjoy!

- Scott Adams

P.S. Do any of these images trigger a memory or two? Share them below!

Bebel Gilberto with her dad, Joao Gilberto.

Joao in concert, circa 1960's

Joao Gilberto in concert. circa 1960's

Joao in concert, circa 1980's

Joao Gilberto in concert. circa 1970's

Joao in concert, today

Joao Gilberto in concert. today

With Miucha and Chico Buarque, 1960's

Joao Gilberto with Miucha, 1960's

With Miucha, 1980's

Joao Gilberto with Miucha, 1980's

With Miucha, today

Joao Gilberto with Miucha, today

Miucha and Bebel

Miucha with Bebel Gilberto

Bebel and her dad.

Bebel with Joao Gilberto

Miucha, Bebel and Joao Gilberto, 1960's

Bebel with Miucha and Joao Gilberto

João e Bebel Gilberto na sacado do hotel - Foto: Reprodução | Instagram


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