Exploring Marisa Monte's 30th Anniversay Milestone

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 11/08/2017 - 02:45 pm

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It Began Here

It’s hard to argue with success. Even when you shrug aside labels like “the reigning queen of Brazilian pop”. Even as competitors like Anitta are on the rise. Thing is, Marisa Monte’s been doing it for years now. Were’ celebrating her 30th year in music this week.

Her cool demeanor is unique - one early gig was with the cast of the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'. Truth be told, Monte cut her teeth working the Zona Sul culture club circuit in mid-80’s Rio, the first step for one of Brazil’s most amazing musical careers began with a single song on the 1985 soundtrack for the cult classic ‘Trop Clip’. 

But it was the guidance of producer Nelson Motta which framed her early recording success, the first being a pair of concert is Rio and Sao Paulo in 1987 and then, Monte’s recording debut (her self-titled live album) less than a year later.

The story goes that the two met in Rome when Motta caught the young performer’s act in a local nightclub. She was in Italy to study Operatic voice, but had discovered that she missed Brazil too much to stay away. Motta offered to help when she returned to Rio and the result was a carefully planned debut which quickly moved from strength to strength, due to Monte’s obvious talent.



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Between Simplicity And Sophistication

This week’s how features ten on her best, from her first single, the surprising ‘Bem Que Se Quis’ to her just released album with Tribalistsa (the trio formed by Monte, Carlinhos Brown and Arnaldo Antunes). There’s new music from rising instrumental star Gabriel Martins, too.

There’s no doubt that Marisa Monte stands at the highest point of musical nobility in Brazil: it’s an honor earned, not bestowed. And she’s been there for a while now. For instance, 2013 turned out to be a momentous year for her. Riding high on a new album, three Latin Grammys and a worldwide tour that reached hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, Monte keeps bolstering her place in MPB history.

An early millennial hiatus ended with news of her artistic breakaway from the record label that that nurtured her career and today Monte has a new songwriting partner: an up and coming pop music genius named Silva. You’ll hear their first duet during our show.

What been the key to Marisa Monte’s success? Mauro Ferreira has a thought:

“She’s the type of artist who knows how to use the media in her favor. She knows how to behave normally when she is in public, without the airs of a prima dona; but never losing the natural presence of a diva.

“Between modernity and tradition, between simplicity and sophistication, Marisa Monte remains relevant 30 years after those strategic shows in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Her music is no longer trendsetting, no longer the only standard to be followed, but it still spreads an aura of power wherever she goes and whenever she sings. Marisa Monte is still Marisa Monte!”

Playlist Highlights 

On the playlist: How about a smoking hot Brazilian trumpet solo? That’ll be Marcio Montarroyos leading into Djavan’s ‘Cigano’. James Taylor goes autobiographical to recall his “very first time down” and we’ll tip our hat to saxophonist Leo Gandelman, who also is celebrating his 30th year in song, too.

More? You can hear many more songs from Marisa Monte on The Sounds of Brazil’s live stream daily.

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