Exploring Milton Nascimento's 50th Anniversay Milestone

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 11/01/2017 - 01:24 pm

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A Voice That Stirs The Soul

For many, Milton Nascimento's unique voice defines the true spirit of Brazil: from his deep, rich tenor to one of the most powerfully stimulating falsettos you'll ever hear - and it’s a perfect way to get into November’s radio theme; ‘Masters of MPB’

This week on The Sounds of Brazil, we’ll celebrate the 50th Anniversary of his very first album, ‘Travessia’ recorded in 1967.  Nascimento burst upon the Brazilian music scene in 1963 and he’s actually led two careers.  As a songwriter, he has composed compelling melodies – ‘Vera Cruz,’ ‘Os Escravos De Jó,’ ‘Ponta De Areia,’ ‘Viola Violar’ – that quickly became anthems of modern Brazilian music.  But Milton is also a vocalist with a sound so earthy and natural that his gorgeous falsetto range always comes as a thrilling shock: it seems to have been touched by angels.  Most often, Milton has forged these two talents into eerily beautiful performances of his own unforgettable songs.

I’ll admit it: this playlist was a lot of fun to put together. It captures many favorites from his long career - including duets with Sarah Vaughan, Wayne Shorter and Peter Gabriel. Jazz great Stanley Turrentine picks up his tenor sax to blow one of his best recordings (Nascimento’s ‘Salt Song’) while Jorge Continentino of UZ22 plays the same instrument to cap off Milton’s ‘Cais’ with loving emotion.



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Secret Story?

There's more: I’ll share a surprising story about Milton’s early American roots (one that even the most diligent of web searches might fail to pull up), and we’ll give Milton’s new duet with Tiago Iorc it broadcast debut on The Sounds of Brazil this week. There’s also early word of a six-city tour later this year, too!

Marina Lima puts a Brazilian spin on Terence Trent D’Arby, Sergio Mendes joins our salute, and the instrumental duo of Ornelas & Leao turns to one of Nascimento’s greatest songs to weave their own magic of the ultimate Brazilian drift-away song with ‘Vendedor de Sonhos’ (‘Dream Merchant’).

There's new music from Gabriel Martins and we'll hear from three original members of the Clube da Esquina, too!

It’s no small wonder that Milton Nascimento is able to touch us so deeply with just a single, musical phrase.

A fitting way to close out this preview now that we’ve moved into November, don’t you think?

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This Week on The Sounds of Brazil : 'Milton Nascimento's 50th Anniversary Salute'

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