Having Trouble Connecting to The Sounds of Brazil?

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 01/30/2016 - 09:56 am

Having Trouble connecting to The Sounds of Brazil Stream?

Government regulations have imposed rules and costs affecting streaming radio stations including The Sounds of Brazil. These rules mandate that ‘official’ services must be used to listen to internet radio. We currently utilize StreamLicensing.com for compliance.

Live365.com's mid-January announcement that they were closing their business due in part to these regulations caught many by surprise. While hundreds of streaming radio stations ended their activity, The Sounds of Brazil sought out a new partnership with StreamLicensing.com.

Some listeners have reported problems with the government-mandated ‘Play’ button. For now, we can provide a few options if you are experiencing connection problems with The Sounds of Brazil.

1)      Use the ‘Play’ button located at the bottom of our real-time playlist on the home page. Look for the thin, dark grey banner that reads “Click Play to Listen Live” to left of our Chat Box. Click on the white arrow, then wait a bit for the stream to launch. This option does not require an app and works with most computer and mobile devices.

2)      Use our link at TuneIn.com. For computers (including Windows and Mac), the player is at the bottom of the page. For mobile use, please download the free TuneIn app for Apple and Android from your phone or tablet’s app store.

3) Super Dave posted this on our Chat Box: Click our big "Listen Live" button on the Brazil Cub home page, then click "Play" on next page. "The Player will appear in upper left corner. Click on the square on the right icon line that says "Click here to Pause". Apparently it's a type of Mute. When I did, the music began playing."

Look at the Player image below and compare it to yours:

1. If you see "Click Here To Pause" in yellow, the player is streaming. If you see "Click Here To Play" in green, click the play arrow to initiate the stream. Still nothing?

2. Check your volume. Look for the speaker icon on the right side of the messages above. Is the gradient grey? That means the player is muted. Click on it to turn up the volume by making the gradient white. And check your computer volume, too.


Note: Mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets will require a listening app to lisen to our stream. Most mobile devices and computers will work without an app by using option #1 above. TuneIn (option #2) requires the free TuneIn mobile app, available from the app store for your device.

Computer performance is best with the current version of your browser and Flash is required for computer listening.

Like you, I love Brazilian music and my words could never properly express my appreciation for your love of the music and The Sounds of Brazil.

I apologize for the inconvenience these government mandates have caused. We will continue to work with our streaming partners until connection issues are no longer a concern.

Please feel free to leave your constructive comments and questions below, and thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of transition.

-  Scott Adams