Help Us Crowdsource Brazil Club’s Next Exciting Streaming Channel

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 11/03/2017 - 04:04 pm

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Brazil Club is crowdsourcing its next exciting streaming channel, ‘Brasil Ao Vivo’, and we’d love it if you can lend a hand by sharing your favorite ‘live’ recordings with us.

In order to make every song sound like it’s ‘Front Row, Center’ there are a few guidelines we all will need to follow:


1. Copy Songs From Your Computer

We can only accept WAV files ‘ripped’ from CDs or WAV files copied from CD masters.

Sorry, in order to maintain the highest possible audio quality, we cannot accept .mp3 files for this very special streaming channel.

We also cannot accept ‘live’ recordings made with your phone or any other device, and we cannot accept recordings take from any other streaming service (like Amazon, Pandora or iTunes) or video service (like YouTube or Veemo). And please, no ‘pirated’ recordings.

                      Read: What is CD ripping and how do I do it


2. Send Your Songs To Us

Please use this link to send us an email with a list of the songs you’d like to send. You’ll need to include the musician or group’s name and the album title, too. We’ll send you a link to use for transferring your songs to us.

Musicians: You are invited to send us your .WAV files from Masters, CD or DVD by clicking here.



We really want to create the ultimate ‘Live – In Concert’ channel for Brazilian music, and your help will make all the difference!