Paulinho Garcia Heads To Los Angeles

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 07/05/2015 - 12:17 am

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After decades of calling Chicago home, Brazilian singer and guitarist Paulinho Garcia is heading west, trading his 600 zip for a 213 area code. He'll join America's strongest and most create Brazilian music scene.

But he's not the first. In 1965, Sergio Mendes called Chicago home long enough to discover Lani Hall singing in a north side bar's 'open mic' night. Not yet 20, she flew to Los Angeles with Mendes to become the lead voice of Brasil 66.

I remember Paulinho in his early days, playing bass for Breno Sauer's 'Som Brasil' on the club circuit by night and delivering cheesecakes by day. In 1992, he offered to play on my wedding day; beginning a good friendship that continues to this day. He hasn't forgotten an anniversary yet,

Last week, he sat down with the Chicago Tribute to explain why he's outgrown Chicago and what lies ahead. Click here for the full article.

I'm sure that I speak for all of his Chicago fans in wishing him all the best in this next part of his musical life and I look forward to seeing him come 'back home' for a club set or two. I'll keep you posted.

Boa sorte, Paulinho!

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