Goin' Old School: Bossa's Original Sound

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 09/06/2017 - 11:58 am

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Goin' Old School

This month’s radio theme for The Sounds of Brazil is ‘BossaNovaville’ and if there is a single, ‘real world’ symbol of Bossa Nova’s story in Rio de Janeiro, it’d probably be those iconic black and white-tiled sidewalks that stretch across the city; especially in Rio’s Zona Sul. After all, that’s where Bossa Nova began in the late 50’s.

Gaze along Copacabana’s graceful curve and you get a sense of how nature’s work played its role in Bossa’s breezy style. Look down at the laid-by-hand tiles of Ipanema’s Avenida Vieira Souto and it’s easy to appreciate the timeless, weaving melodies of Jobim, Mendes and Gilberto.

The list of classic songs and musicians is endless, and if we could assign a single stone to each one, we’d see that – just like Rio’s sidewalks – Bossa Nova is the sum of its parts, too. Many of these made their mark here with American jazz, just as Bossa’s sun was beginning to set in Brazil.

This week’s playlist for ‘Old School Bossa Nova’ captures the spirit of those heady days in Rio by showcasing Bossa’s original sound with a brace of songs that never made the trip north.



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Putting The Pieces In Place

Sonia Rosa was a virtual unknown when she recorded her debut album in Rio, and her ‘Que Te Viu, Que Te Ve’ (Life Keeps Going) has become a Bossa cult classic. The same can be said for Astrud Gilberto’s ‘(Take Me To) Aruanda’ which featured Bob Brookmeyer’s valve trombone solo as a ‘B side’ single in 1965.  Flutist Herbie Mann was bitten by the Bossa bug in 1961 and songs like his ‘Deve Ser Amor’ (It Must Be Love) helped popularize the sound here in the states. And crooner Dick Farney’s duet with Norma Bengal on ‘Voce’ was a #1 song in Brazil.

There’s more: Antonio Carlos Jobim in English, Luiz Eça’s Brazilian piano and Jorge Ben with the original pre-Bossa version of ‘Mas Que Nada’. Plus new music from Latin Vibe and Jorge Vercillo to remind us of Bossa Nova’s always-enduring qualities.

When you get right down to it, Bossa Nova has always written its own rules. Its sensuous rhythm compels us to relax. Its melodies distract us from the everyday, and its lyrics (in any language) paint in soft pastels for an urgent world.

Even that easy notion of Bossa Nova and Rio’s mosaic sidewalks is only as real as the music wants it to be: While the sidewalks date back to the early 1900’s, Copacabana’s underwent a complete facelift in the 70’s (and keeps evolving), well after Bossa Nova began stamping is passport worldwide. And the Bossa beat – just like those hand-laid tiles – is always updating its style for new generations.

So maybe you can’t fell the oceans’ breeze on your cheek right now. Or the Brazilian sun radiating up from the sidewalk stones underneath your feet.

It’s okay; you can still let yourself be swept away. Old School Bossa Nova gives you all the permission you need.

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~ Scott Adams




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