Rendezvous In Rio: The Best Olympic Moments

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 08/08/2016 - 12:15 am

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If the simplified nature of Rio’s Opening Ceremonies left you wanting for more, maybe there’s a good reason why. There’s a distinct difference with these Summer Games, and the single word that describes it best is “Organic”.

Rio has pulled the plug for these games; cut the cord that connected China, switched off Sochi.

From the inspiring elegance of its Olympic chandelier to its innovative outdoor diving venue and beach volleyball on one of the world’s iconic beaches, Rio is turning the world onto a purely Brazilian kind of ‘network’: the translucent green veins of a banana palm, the LED blue of an Amazon tributary, the wireless transmission of its bright yellow sun.

Just like the Brazilian flag.

We’ll post links to some of the best stories and moments from the Rio Games on this page. You’re welcome to check back often.


Wednesday, August 17th 2016


We've posted a link for the third hourlong episode of Micahel Palin's adventurous documentary 'Brazil'. This week, it's the 'Road To Rio'. You can get a sneak peek here, along with a summary of the show, Enjoy!

Friday, August 12th 2016

Kick the ball, hit the ball. As of Friday midday, Brazil’s medal count for the Summer Games it is hosting in Rio de Janeiro stands at three, one Bronze, one Silver and a single Gold.

To be sure, Brazil is not a powerhouse with Olympic competition. Most Brazilians would choose the passion of World Cup play over the Olympics every time, but the collapse of its national ream in international tourneys has been both dismal and predictable in recent years. And the Brazilian Men's soccer Olympic debut was... less than... stellar.

Is there salvation in the silver lining of the clouds over Rio today? What could that be? Read more... 


Wednesday, August 10th 2016

Brazil celebrated its first Gold Medal of Rio's Summer Games, hard-earned by martial arts specialist Rafaela Silva. Silva, whose passion for fighting began as a young teen in Rio’s notorious Cidade de Deus favela, reportedly burst into tears as she raised her medal high in front of an equally passionate home crowd while the strains of Brazil national anthem filled the arena. Ticket sales for upcoming events saw a quick spike. 

But in a country where the top three sports are futebol, futebol and futebol attendance at many venues has been… mixed. The reason is not what you think. Read more...


Tuesday, August 9th 2016

"Tall and tan and young and lovely..." looks like 'The Girl From Ipanema ' is a hit once again! Already one of the most recorded songs of all time, the Grammy-winning tune is being streamed an average of 40,000 time daily since Friday's opening ceremonies, and you'll discover the reason why here.

And be sure to listen for Elisabeth Lonhinger's new dreamy version of 'The Girl' tomorrow (Wednesday) for our 'new music' Brazil Back2Back on our streaming station at 11 am and 2 pm Central. You'll find the 'Listen Live' link at the top of this page. 


Sunday, August 7th 2016

Rio is the only major city in the world with a tropical rainforest within its borders, and there’s no lack of picturesque settings throughout its metro area, but no better travelogue of the Rio de Janerio and its environs could be better than the live coverage of the route followed by the Road Race Cycling competition.

 In keeping with the organic nature of these Summer Games, the road race circuit features many of Rio de Janeiro’s most iconic backdrops; from the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema to the steep, 2,000-foot forested climb up to Vista Chinesa.

Sunday morning’s women competition showcased the mesmerizing variety of scenic beauty as the geographic background shifted away from the city to outlying beaches and up in to the twisty hills of the rainforest. And back down.

This video clip captures the leader losing control (and her race) with disastrous consequences.

Road Race competition continues on Wednesday, so check local listings with your DVR to appreciate the scope of the natural beauty that Rio is known for.


Friday, August 5th 2106

Okay, we’ll admit it: Our attention began to wane halfway through the opening ceremonies. The storyline began to wander around the vast Maracana stadium like a futebol fan who had forgotten where his seat was located.

Then Rio unveiled its first surprise: an elegant and inspiring chandelier wrapping and spinning around the Olympic caldron. If you missed this “take your breath away” moment (or would like to see it again), please use this link.