Catching up with Rosalia de Souza and Leila Pinheiro

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 10/12/2017 - 04:26 pm


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Rio To Roma

No doubt about it: We've come to expect great things from Rosalia de Souza since her early days as a stable singer for the Milan-based label, Schema.

Her solo career with the New Bossa gem 'Garota Moderna' (Modern Girl) and she quickly won fans worldwide as the buzz heated up! Born in Rio de Janeiro, a move to Italy in 1988 helped her to find a creative place with a group of like-minded musicians - including Nicola Conte and Toco - who were focused on Bossa Nova's reinvention and the Brazilian groove scene.

Those early years were busy ones for Rosalia de Souza, who quickly because a stand out voice in the chorus for Euro-based groups like Les Hommes and Girls On A Mission.

She travelled back to Rio for the opportunity to record ‘Brasil Precisa Balançar’ with Roberto Menescal, returned to Rome to record her critically acclaimed 'D'Improvissimo' in 2009. With three superb albums as a solo performer and more than 50 appearances on various compilations, it's clear that as an artist, de Souza has created her niche as opposed to finding it.

The Sounds of Brazil’s playlist holds several of her best, including her latest single, a serious remake of Marina’s epic ‘Fullgas’. I have tunes from Rita Lee and Kevyn Lettau, and I’ll preview our mid-November special radio show for Joao Bosco, who will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement award at the Latin Grammys. Well-deserved!

Rosalia de Souza’s music plays to the notions of tradition as seen through a 21st Century prism, and Brazilian music is all that much better for it.


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Light A Candle, Make A Wish

Our ‘Songs In the Feminine Key’ list of October birthdays includes Leila Pinheiro (16th), one of the signature voice of MPB during its heyday 90’s and into the new century. Known first (and foremost) as a Bossa Nova singer, her arrival onto the pop charts in 1986 with the album ‘Ohlo Nu’ signaled a sea-change for Brazilian pop, one that charted a much different course that contemporizes like Gal Costa, Zizi Possi and Marisa Monte.

Pinheiro’s Bossa-tinged, soft-rock style mirrored the early-days vocals of America’s smooth jazz radio format, albeit with a uniquely Brazilian perspective. But Bossa Nova has never been far from the artists’ reach: 1989’s ‘Benção Bossa Nova’ became the first (and at the time, the only) Gold-selling Bossa Nova album Brazil has ever seen.

We’ll celebrate with a pair of songs for our Spotlight segment (which finds her singing in Portuguese and English) this week.


Monday's Brazil Back2Back

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