Sao Paulo's Most Handsome Elderly Man

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 08/08/2015 - 02:46 pm

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Lookin' Good

With six more weeks of winter to go, it’s understandable that Brazilians are getting a bit weary of it all, so a series of ‘Best’ awards and contests are popping up all over the place

And in South America’s largest city, a Brazilian truck driver has won Sao Paulo's annual "Most Handsome Elderly Man" contest.

Aureo do Nascimento beat 21 other contestants aged 62 to 94 at the Thursday pageant sponsored by the State Health Department.

The 63-year-old Nascimento said the pageant helps older men "improve their self-esteem and overcome the prejudices others feel toward the elderly."

Awards also were handed out for Mister Elegance, Mister Smiles and Mister Shyness by a jury of five women. Click here for pictures of the event. Yahoo

Michael Jackson’s Dad

Joe Jackson suffered a stroke and three heart attacks after a night of partying with younger women in Brazil - amid claims that he took three Viagra pills.

The 87-year-old flew into the country two weeks ago for a pleasure trip set to include a $200,000-birthday blowout in his honor but ended up being rushed to hospital on the eve of the celebration.

He was released to the care of family and friends on Friday. Daily Mail

The End

On the other side of things is this item: Brazil holds an annual contest for the best derriere, known as Miss Bumbum. Candidates for Miss Bumbum 2015 performed in Brazilian streets this week to remind people of the upcoming contest.

Click here for a slideshow to see the 2015 candidates and to view snapshots of 2014’s competition for ‘Miss Bumbum’. Express News

Can we all agree that summer can’t arrive soon enough for Brazil?