Sergio Mendes Volunteers For Rio's Summer Anthem

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 06/13/2016 - 05:51 pm

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Sergio Mendes records Rio 2016 Summer Anthem

OK, so can we all agree that Brazil’s been dealt a pretty bad hand these last few months?

First it was Olympic-sized deadlines, then the dirty laundry of Presidential politics and finally, Zeka. Even for Brazilians, it’s been a confidence shaker. And we forgot to mention the bad economy. So what do Brazilian do when the going gets tough?

They turn to music.

Days after he left Chicago’s City Winery stage, Sergio Mendes was flying south to a Rio de Janeiro studio to do his part in boosting public morale as the Summer Olympic Games draw near.

Taking its cue from any number of horn-driven sambas from the 90’s ‘Se Ligaê’ united Mendes with Baby do Brasil and Rogerio Flausino for this ‘feel good’ ditty which was recorded last week by Musickeria, with the clip rushed onto YouTube last Thursday (June 9th).



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One Rio-based critic wasted no time calling the song “weak and poor” but’ we’ll take issue: in the recent history of Brazil’s “come together” event anthems, this one is pretty darn good. Plus, it’s got a really catchy Mendes-like hook and it hits all the right notes for a nation that’s in need of a good spirit lifting right now.

We like it here at Brazil Club. So much so that we’ve added it to our new music playlist of The Sounds of Brazil’s streaming station, along with the latest songs from Djavan, Mahmundi, Céu, Seu Jorge, Fabiana Passoni and Monique Kessous.

Here’s the clip, preceeded by the ol’ thumbs up/thumbs down thingie.