The Sounds of Brazil's 25th Anniversary: A Milestone Moment

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 07/20/2017 - 10:28 am

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Next week, Tuesday July 25th will mark The Sounds of Brazil’s official 25th Anniversary of its broadcast debut on Smooth Jazz WNUA 95.5, Chicago, when we’ll recreate that very first program from 1992. I hope you’ll plan to join me on the radio and our many streaming affiliate stations.

But six years ago this week, we were focused on another milestone event for The Sounds of Brazil: Our 1,000th weekly radio program. Compare that number to ‘Friends’ (236 episodes), The Simpsons (618) or Monday Night Football (730).

It was an event that was unimaginable when I was first starting out and the early weeks of 2011 prompted an exciting idea: why not let listener’s coast-to-coast vote for the all-time, most popular songs ever played on The Sounds of Brazil? And why not give away trips for two to Rio de Janeiro as part of it? And, to say ‘thank you’ the musicians who create the music we love, let’s have a separate ‘trip for two’ contest exclusively for them. So, we did.

We started with 1,000 songs, whittled that list down to 100 and then posted 10 songs each week for 10 consecutive weeks, where listeners could vote for their favorites. The ten weekly-winning songs were then ranked by vote totals to determine the final order and that’s how the playlist for our 1,000th program came to be.

This week, I’ve recreated that show - song by song – for us to enjoy and reflect upon once again. I’m sure you’ll recall your fan-voted favorites... would the results turn out the same way if we voted today?

It’s about the music. It always has been that way - for the first 1,000 shows, and God willing, for another thousand more. This week, it’s program #1,312.

Thanks for listening.

Scott Adams


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