Top Ten New Songs

by Brazil Club - Let The Music Take You There on 07/31/2015 - 01:47 pm

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Listening to The Sounds of Brazil is a great way to get the most out of summer, and I thought it would be fun to give you these thumbnail reviews of the newest additions to our ‘Always Live’ playlist!

Which are your new favorites? Watch the videos and give us your picks at the bottom of the page. Here they are: 


‘The Metro Song’ by Sorriso Maroto. The latest Urban radio hit in Brazil from one of the country’s top soft-samba groups, the complete title is ‘1 Metro E 65’ taken from their Live/Ao Vivo DVD.  This Rio-based group is always ready with a great melody and a breezy sound.

‘Brigas Nunca Mais’ by Les Sabler. Since the release of his ‘Jobim Tribute’ CD last year, Les has packed up his guitars and moved from sunny St. Pete to musical Nashville. This is the latest single from that landmark album.

‘Menina Moça’ by Kenny G. The smooth sax star stretches out on a brace of instrumentals with his ‘Brazilian Nights’ album and this tune is a true to form  homage to 1963’s version by Stan Getz and guitarist Laurindo Almeida. I really like how this song comes together… very respectful of the original.

‘Triste’ by Minas. Backed with a full string orchestra and a jazz ensemble, this ambitious recording really works as a testament to the vision and craft of all involved, especially for Orlando Haddad and Patricia King. Albums like this are rare these days – for a variety of reasons – but I really enjoy this one.

‘Saudade Vem Correndo’ by Bebel Gilberto. From an album that just keeps on giving, this song is a sweetly rendered Bossa nod to another Stan Getz hit (with Luiz Bonfa, also in 1963), originally sung by Maria Helena Toledo. And isn’t it nice that Bebel always remembers her roots?

‘Hidden Waters’ by Sergio Mendes. Could Mendes be working on another Grammy winner here? The politics of the system say no, but this album (and its latest hit featuring his wife Gracinha Leporace) gets a gold medal from The Sounds of Brazil.

‘Luxo do Lixo’ by Ivan Lins. Good to have Ivan Lins back, doing what he does best: crafting hit songs with great melodies and that one-and-only sound of his… This goes to show that there’s a lot of music left in this talented Brazilian and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

‘Nos Bailes da Vida’ by Gisele de Santi. A left-field hit from one of Brazil’s most promising pop voices, this song Milton Nascimento song comes from a tribute album of ‘various artists’. But they’ll have to wait their turn, because, well… Gisele is singing right now.

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‘Paz e Amor’ by Alexia Bomtempo. Some will decry my inclusion of this song on our New Music playlist, but I’m running with it on The Sounds of Brazil. Released originally in 2009 as an indie project only in Brasil, Alexia is a talent to keep an eager ear on. Born in the USA, raised in Brazil and educated in America, Alexia’s introduction to a wider US audience is way overdue.

‘Saudade’ by Lisa Marone. For some reason there seems to be a plethora of songs sharing this title lately, but with good reason. Saudade is the happy/sad feeling that’s at the root of so many Brazilian songs. Marone is no stranger to Loyal Listeners who are sure to like what they hear here.

‘That’s The Way I Like It’ by Bebo Best and The Super Lounge Orchestra. Jobim once wryly observed that any song sounds better as a Bossa Nova (and someday I may tell you what he was listening to when he said what he said...) and this song drives the point home. The title says it all, and I wonder what Harry Casey thinks?