2017 is a very special year for The Sounds of Brazil. It marks our Silver Broadcast Anniversary and it begins with a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you for listening. Because without your passion and interest none of this would be possible.

Two early dates stand out from our very first year: The Sounds of Brazil debuted on Chicago’s college radio WDCB FM on Sunday, April 5th 1992. On Saturday, July 25th The Sounds of Brazil moved up the dial to make its debut on commercial radio WNUA.

The Sounds of Brazil has been syndicated to more than 60 commercial radio stations across the USA, Caribbean and Central America, helping it to become the most successful Brazilian music radio program of its kind.  


The Sounds of Brazil is also a pioneer for Brazilian music streaming:  First with Broadcast.com/Yahoo Radio in 1999, then with Live365. Today, The Sounds of Brazil is also streamed worldwide with an expanded 24/7 format, and I manage Brazilian music programming for Chicago-based AccuRadio. 


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Our Story Stream Begins Soon

The year ahead promises to be an exciting one, and you are invited to visit this page as the weeks and months unfold.  I’ll share some of my personal insights and favorite stories, and we’ll revisit more than 100 of The Sounds of Brazil’s most popular songs from our first two and a half decades.

- Scott Adams

Program Host of The Sounds of Brazil!