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We are a talented, fun-loving group of Englsih and/or Portuguese-speaking volunteers dedicated to helping our Brazilian American community grow. You can help, and your contributions can lead to paid positions as Brazil Club grows, too!


Share Your Passion for Your Favorite Topics


As a Brazil Club page editor, writer or researcher, sharing your personal interest and passion helps to grow our Brazilian American community by enriching the lives of others, and by introducing fans and friends of Brazil to topics they want to learn more about.

Right now - whether it is Brazilian music, language, tourism, cooking or business advice - someone is interested in learning about what a Brazil Club expert has to say on the subject; eager to read a community guide’s insight and observations.

As a Brazil Club staff member, your talent and professional experience encourages our Brazilian American community to prosper by helping us reach out to more businesses, charities and non-profits, entrepreneurs and visionaries with the opportunities and the support they need to achieve their goals. It’s a great way to ‘give back’.'s contributors are people just like you - with passion and expertise in their fields. They share in Brazil Club’s mission to help our Brazilian American community grow by providing our visitors with information that helps them to experience a greater appreciation of Brazilian culture through our good work.

Brazil Club’s contributors are freelancers who work online and set their own schedule – just a few hours per week. We're looking for passionate, experienced people to join our community.

What is your passion?


Contribute to Brazil Club as a Page Editor, Writer or Staff member


Currently, Brazil Club is looking for…


City Guides - Page Editors

Travel To Brazil – Page Editor

Concert, Album and Event Reviewers

Blog writers


Community Outreach

Public Relations specialist

Pinterest Manager

Researchers/Fact Checkers




We all have a part to play and we’d love to have you join us! Contact us here to get started.