Streaming Channels at Brazil Club

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Always Live, Always Free, our streaming channels are curated by award-winning programmer Scott Adams and available worldwide. 



Brazilian pop with a jazzy vibe plus crossover hits from both sides of the equator, taking you away from your part of the ours!





Fado - Bottom
The Rhythms of Life, from Recife to Rio, Salvador to Sao Paulo!






Contemporary Bossa Nova inspired by the world’s most exotic beaches. Fueled by the Brazilian sun!




It’s all about the way the music hits your tan line. That is, if you want one. No Passport required.





Rio after dark! Brazilian Jazzmasters trade tunes with the world's top jazz stars for this classic and contemporary mix.






From MPB to Samba, Bossa to Lambada.  Get ready to explore the music of Brazil!






One "Girl", dozens of unique and inspiring versions! Still one of the most recorded songs in music history.