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'Always Free, Always Live', 'The Sounds of Brazil' streams worldwide in lossless audio and is the flagship station for The Brazil Club Radio Network. 

2017 marks The Sounds of Brazil's 25th year as an award-winning ‘heritage’ station for Brazilian music broadcasting in the United States and is also heard in a weekly two-hour format Chicago's 90.9 FM WDCB (streamed on and weekly coast-to-coast on a growing list of affilates.

We also program Brazilian music programming for Brasil Radio (Grupo Bandeirantes no EUA) plus various streams on We manage and program Brazilian music channels for

Creative Director Scott Adams is a pioneer in streaming radio for Brazilian music since 1998. Learn more about Scott Adams here.

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Sorry, we cannot guarantee that every submission will receive airplay. We do our best to support local musicians who create music for the Brazilian style, in addition to the industry’s top names and breakout talent from Brazil and elsewhere. We ask that you provide us with:

  1. Digital files in .wav lossless audio format taken directly from the master or CD, sent to the email address below. Please note: We perfer not to accept .mp3 files for airplay. We reccommend using a service such as Google Drive or Hightail for digital delivery.
  2. Two copies of the CD mailed to the address below.
  3. Bio and/or press kit with contact information.


Important: All submissions must include metadata information. Submissions without correct metadata information may not be considered for airplay. Learn more.


Airplay and Fan Interaction:

We pay royalties to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.  

Songs added into The Brazil Club Radio Network’s new music rotations may receive daily airplay and may remain in rotation according to popularity and fan support. We encourage you to share our streaming station with your fans on a regular basis. Please use this link: 

You can greatly enhance your relationship with our listening audience (and your new fans) by making use of the following free services from

  1. Create a free listing in the Brazil Club directory by clicking the green button above. This is your ‘fan page’, where listeners and new business contacts will find you.
  2. Post your concert and club dates for free on the Brazil Club calendar here. Our Events page is where our listeners will go to see where you are performing next.   
  3. Create a YouTube video for your song and link it to your free listing at Brazil Club.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, fan interaction with Brazil Club and The Sounds of Brazil is never ‘throttled’ or restricted. Your participation give us important information to share with our listeners when we talk about your music on The Sounds of Brazil and our listeners are eager to hear it.

Update your listing page regularly. Add your events to the Brazil Club calendar. The more you do with our free services at Brazil Club, the more we can do ‘on air’ to support you.


Brazil Club/Submissions
5250 Grand Avenue, 14/111
Gurnee, IL 60031
brazilclubusa at gmail dot com

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