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Samba New York’s Carnaval Samba Party

Samba New York’s Carnaval Samba Party


When: 03/02/2018

Time: 06:30 pm - 10:25 pm

Location: DROM

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Contact Information

85 Avenue A East Village, New York City, New York, United States 10009




As opposed to a show, the “Samba Party” is more of a communal gathering, where Brazilian music enthusiasts share their love of samba drumming, dance, and culture — a kind of NYC take on the mega samba school rehearsals that precede Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro.
The first Samba Party of 2018 celebrates Carnaval in style, featuring a samba lesson with Brazilian dance master Danielle Lima; live powerhouse batucada by the Samba New York! Drum Section under the direction of Dr. Samba; and the festive Brazilian beats of DJ Anderson Trindade.

Only $15 for so much samba fun!

About Samba New York!

Founded and directed by ethnomusicologist/percussionist, Philip Galinsky (aka Dr. Samba), Samba New York! is a world-renowned samba performance company dedicated to entertaining, educating, and uplifting people of all backgrounds with the exhilarating music and dance of Brazil. Having grown up immersed in Rio’s samba world, Danielle Lima is one of NYC’s foremost samba dancers, teachers, and choreographers and founder of the Brasileirando Dance Group. Anderson Trindade is a leading DJ on the local Brazilian scene, supplying the soundtrack to some of the City's hottest events.