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Ana Clara's page includes the video and lyrics in Portuguese and English for 'Bipolar'.

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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


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At 21, Ana Clara shows her musical personality with a distinctive voice. The singer, considered the revelation of soft samba, releases the single "Bipolar".

The song "Bipolar", composed by Umberto Tavares and Jefe, translates the strongest feelings of the experience of a relationship that goes through days of "war" and "peace."

Recorded at Cedar Palace Studios in the Ipiranga neighborhood of Sao Paulo, with the direction of Thiago Calvino, Ana Clara plays a young woman in love showing both sides of the coin, the so famous bipolarity.

"It's a very important moment of my career and reflects the maturity achieved in these years on the road. The result was very good and my favorite scene is the room of dominoes, use more than a thousand pieces. I hope everyone enjoys this song as much as I am enjoying it, "says Ana Clara.

- Ana Clara

Eu guardei segredos desse nosso amor
Tão bipolar
Somos guerra e paz
Amor e mágoa, como evitar?
Hoje tá tão bem e amanhã o que será?
Deixo o destino nos levar

Eu também me vejo inconstante
Sem entender
Me sinto tão perto e tão distante, sem resolver
Mas a esperança em nós ainda não morreu
Vi no beijo que você me deu
Sou eu, sou eu, sou eu

Você não me liga
Sai da minha vida
Diz que a nossa história já morreu
Mas ainda assim eu sei seu grande amor sou eu
Sou eu, sou eu, sou eu
Depois desse drama
Fala que me ama
E me jura que se arrependeu
Nesse labirinto quem vai se perder sou eu
Sou eu, sou eu, sou eu

~ ~ ~

I kept secrets that our love
is bipolar
We are war and peace
Love and grief, how to avoid it?
Today're so good and tomorrow what will it be?
Let fate take us there.

I also see the fickleness
Without understanding
I feel so close and so far away, it's unresolved
But the hope we have has not died
I saw the kiss you gave me
That's me, that's me, that's me.

But you do not call me
Get out of my life:
It says that our history is dead
But still I know this statement of great love
That's me, that's me, that's me.

After this drama
Say you love me
And I swear that I've repented
This maze who will lose Me
That's me, that's me, that's me.