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Watch Gisele de Santi's song 'Haver' from the 'Vermelhos e Demais Matizes' album, as heard on The Sounds of Brazil, with Scott Adams.

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Gisele De Santi made color a kind of sentimental presentation of their second album. To give the title Red and Other tints and carry a predominantly blue design for the cover, the gaucho singer equalizes feelings like love and melancholy, the main themes of the 12 songs on the album.

After the premiere of the launch show on the last day 23 in Sao Paulo, Gisele follows the release of the new job with presentation on Tuesday, at 21h, at the Theatro São Pedro, in Porto Alegre. Red and Other Hues was preceded by good receiving the 2010 debut album, which won praise from the likes of Nelson Motta and gained distribution in Japan. One of the songs, and I? I was recorded by singer Negra Li in All New (2012).

If the first job met Gisele songs he had written since his teens, this new album the singer, who turns 28 years on the 4th, presents compositions of the past three years - a period that coincides with his move to São Paulo.

- This album is a bit more melancholy. It has something red, dramatic and passion, and blue, cold and melancholy. I think the gaucho, by itself, is melancholy. And I can not get out of a theme, that is love. I've tried to run away but I can not - account.

After play his debut album by Fumproarte, edict of the city of Porto Alegre, Gisele started to bet on crowdfunding - crowdfunding. The tour's first album was made possible by Catharsis, virtual tool that she returned to use for launching Red and Other tints:

- When was producing this new record, I signed up for notices, but did not want to wait. So, I decided to again use catharsis to put the project into practice.Funding is collective, transparent and out in 30/40 days. But more than the immediate cash, we see, by participating, who is our audience. People will put forward, and the work will already earning prior disclosure.

In this show on Tuesday evening, Gisele will present 12 songs of Red and Othertints, and the first album songs. Singing and playing guitar, will be accompanied by Giovanni Barbieri (piano), Gilberto Ribeiro Jr. (guitar), Luque Barros (guitar 7 strings and bass) and Kabe Pinheiro (percussion). And we'll have special guests Vitor Ramil, Vagner Cunha and Fabricio Gambogi.

- As we have strings and woodwinds on the disc, we adapt the arrangements for the show. At the premiere in São Paulo, we were very happy with the result - says Gisele.
Soft voice and delicate

Singing sambas and bossa, alongside chamamés and incidental milongas, Gisele De Santi places his music under the umbrella of popular song. In Red and Other tints, it presents with his beautiful voice, his compositions that have love as a major theme. "As requires the bonds / Do not close / Nu taking my arms / You is not subject", sings in Jeez. If poetry Gisele has Djavan as stronger influence in the corner she refers to Elis Regina in her softer and delicate moments.

- I'm imagining a letter and a melody. When I see, I have a specific rhythm. But the pace lends itself to the letter.

First, it is poetry, song - says Gisele.

Compositions by other authors - are just two of the 12 tracks on the disc - Gisele reaches, as she says, issues that can not express. In Who Is Nobody, Vitor Ramil and Roger Scarton, is a more existential poetry, supported by a melancholic guitar well to Vitor style, which also shares the vocals.

Produced by Gilberto Ribeiro Jr. and Fabricio Gambogi (the same as the first album and author of a new work music), Red and Other tints also stands out by the strings and the woodwinds. In Lament not, Gisele has the beautiful violin and viola arrangements of Vagner Cunha to sing "I spread portraits / Sins, desires / Nus, the ground / I will have you at least / In dreams / But dreams / will only be".

- I try to be happy in my melancholy and melancholy in my happiness, she says.

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