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Les Sabler

Les Sabler


50 years after saxophonist Stan Getz fueled the bossa nova craze with the legendary Getz/Gilberto album, Les Sabler celebrates the emotional power and enduring beauty of the Brazilian composer’s works with a soulful and heartfelt Jobim Tribute.

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Tampa, Florida, United States


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Each week in August, we'll post a new song from Les Sabler's live video High Def concert for his 'Jobim Tribute' album. Listen for the debut of the next video on the Sounds of Brazil 'stream!


50 years after saxophonist Stan Getz and guitarist Joao Gilberto fueled the bossa nova craze in the U.S. and around the world by sharing the genius of Antonio Carlos Jobim on their classic album Getz/Gilberto, Les Sabler celebrates the emotional power and enduring beauty of the Brazilian composer’s works with a soulful and heartfelt Jobim Tribute.

More than simply a wonderful re-visitation of familiar songs and an exploration of lesser known Jobim classics, the renowned guitarist and vocalist’s labor of love recording captures the spirit of global unity at a time when Rio de Janeiro is gearing up for the 2016 Summer Olympics and Brazil is hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup--whose slogan, “All In One Rhythm,” Sabler expresses perfectly over the course of the collection’s 12 tracks.

The mix of seven lushly produced vocal tracks and five instrumentals is already receiving high praise from a unique array of tastemaking voices. Robert Silverstein from Music Web Express 3000 ( writes: “Les Sabler’s sublime jazz guitar tribute to Brazilian bossa nova king Antonio Carlos Jobim is better than a trip to Rio, a memorable set of elegant tropical jazz.”

Noted jazz author and critic Scott Yanow (Jazz Times, Jazziz, Downbeat) writes, “Les Sabler has created an irresistible recording that crosses the boundaries between genres. Antonio Carlos Jobim would be pleased.” Ronald Jackson, President/Publisher of The Smooth Jazz Ride, says, “Guitarist Les Sabler, in a wonderful tribute to the genius of Antonio Carlos Jobim, offers a melodic piece of heaven here on Jobim Tribute. Soothing, exotic, and beckoning you to the shores of Brazil to bask in the sensual warmth, this project will be fully embraced by Jobim lovers.”

Robert Lamm, the legendary founding keyboardist, singer and songwriter from the band Chicago, enthuses, “Les sounds great playing and singing these gems. The orchestrations are appropriate too. While the source of this music is Brazilian, he’s made them more Latin in feel, to my ear, which is refreshing. I like his voice in the baritone range – and extra kudos for singing (at times) in Portuguese!”

Unlike many homages to Jobim which simply scratch the surface of his catalog, Jobim Tribute delves refreshingly deeper, mining obscure gems amidst the more familiar to engender a fuller understanding of the legend and his music. Complementing Sabler’s exquisite vocals, acoustic guitar playing and thoughtful arrangements throughout Jobim Tribute are contributions by a carefully chosen ensemble of musicians, both old friends and fresh acquaintances, including keyboardist Clay Perry (Julio Iglesias), acoustic bassist Byron House (Robert Plant's Band of Joy), drummer Celso Alberti (Airto, Flora Purim, Stevie Winwood) and the late Joe Lala (CSNY, Bee Gees).”

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